By Filmmaker Topher Field.

Battleground Melbourne tells the story of the Fall of the World’s Most Liveable City, through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it.

We’ve been called every name you can imagine, the media, politicians, and the ‘I stand with Dan’ crowd have used every baseless slur you can imagine, and probably many you can’t, to try and shame us and shut us down.

And Victoria Police went on an 18 month rampage of repression, unlawful arrests, and widespread intimidation in order to silence us.

So who are we?

And given all we were up against, how did we grow from just 70 people in April 2020, to hundreds of thousands in the biggest political events in Australian history in November 2021?

This is our story, told through our eyes.

Battleground Melbourne is our reply to the lies, half truths, slurs, and lazy attacks that we have endured for the last two years.

This is our story.

The story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things and taking extreme risks to stand for what we believe in. You may not agree with us, you may not even like us, but you can’t claim to know who we are until you’ve watched Battleground Melbourne.

The feedback has been overwhelming, and so positive, I feel very blessed and I want to re-iterate that Battleground Melbourne was a team effort, from my crew and technical team, to the people I interviewed, to the people of Melbourne and Victoria who did such courageous things over the last 2 years and made it possible to tell their story in the first place… it took everyone playing their part to achieve this end result.

Note that depending on what device you are watching on, the music balance may be out. On phones, earbuds, and laptops it’s not as bad, but on TV’s it seems to be a pronounced issue. I apologise, we got the mix wrong!

We are working on rebalancing the audio and will re-release the documentary in a week or so in 4k resolution, and with any and all glitches and issues 100% fixed!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch Battleground Melbourne here:

In the meantime the above link is your best way to view Battleground Melbourne and we’d appreciate all the help you can offer to get the word out and spread this documentary around the world!

And for those asking how you can support my work, thankyou that’s very kind. The best way is to spread the word about Battleground Melbourne, but if you’d like to support me in a more direct way, please check out my tee shirts, hoodies, singlets, and now stubbie holders here.

It’s been a huge few weeks for me, so forgive me if I’m a bit quiet on the socials for a little while, rest assured I’m busy promoting Battleground Melbourne as best as I can and with your help we can ensure Battleground Melbourne reaches over 1,000,000 people… maybe many more!

Thankyou once again for everything, your support means so much to me.

Topher Field.


Australia Destroyed: The Streets of Melbourne