By Paul Collits

Try this quick quiz, or ask the next person in the street you bump into – what do the following people have in common?

Natasha Fyles.  Roger Cook.  Jeremy Rockliff.  Andrew Barr.  Peter Malinauskas. 

If you guessed right or indeed knew the answer, they are all Australian Premiers or Chief Ministers, congratulations. 

You would be among the tiniest minority of Australian citizens.

The Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia respectively. In case there is anyone in the country curious enough to actually look them up.

Try another quiz.  What do these people have in common?  Scott Morrison.  Gladys Berejiklian.  Dominic Perrottet.  Greg Hunt.  Brad Hazzard.  Michel Gunner.  Mark McGowan.  Stephen Marshall.  Peter Gutwein.  John Skerritt.  Brendan Murphy. Boris Johnson.  Jacinda Ardern. 

This one is a little easier, I suspect. 

Yes, they are all Covid tyrants who have since – in many cases rather suddenly and without convincing explanation – resigned or have been forced out in other ways.  In at least a couple of cases, they were pushed by colleagues, or were removed from office by their electorate.  But mostly, they just upped and left all by themselves.

For the politically illiterate, which is again almost all Australians, they were respectively: a former Prime Minister, two former New South Wales Premiers, the former Federal Health Minister, the former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, the former Premiers of Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, the former Deputy Secretary Health Products Regulation Group and the public face of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, one of the men most directly involved in unleashing the Covid-19 “vaccines” on his fellow Australians, a former Chief Medical Medical Officer and public face of the Australian government’s Covid scare campaign, and for good measure, the former Prime Ministers of Great Britain and New Zealand.

The latest departure occurred just this past week. 

For an assessment of the “Resigned Suddenly” spectacle of Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan, one of the world’s most extreme Covidians, we suggests this piece by one of the country’s brightest young journalists Rebekah Barnett.

One might speculate as to the reasons for their departures.  Mostly they leave to “spend more time with their families”.  Give us a break.

One observer this week, following Mark McGowan’s departure from the Premiership of Western Australia, saw the irony in one who denied so many family members the right to see one another during his maniacal Covid lockdowns leaving to spend time with his own family. 

At least two, McGowan and Ardern, have cited exhaustion.  I am not sure that politicians’ stamina has declined or that the pressures of the job have increased that much to render this explanation believable. 

Certainly, there has been a massive increase in political leader departures mid-term over the past decade.  This effectively denies the electorate a chance to decide who governs us, and is, therefore, inherently anti-democratic.  Very few Australian leaders these days are actually given the opportunity, or relish the opportunity, to face the people. 

If Covid proved anything, it was that the political class doesn’t give a rat’s about the voters and their rights. They got rid of parliaments, for one.  They created a ludicrous new form of governance called the National Cabinet out of nothing, without anyone agreeing to it; consisting of the Prime Minister and the State and Territory leaders.  And they handed over decision-making to unelected public health tsars.

Those remaining in place in Australia include the unspeakable Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews and the unspellable Premier of Queensland, as well as Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton.  None of the three have any shame whatsoever.

I am not the only one to notice this.

The pandemic has not been good for political job security.

Sadly, though, none of those departing have been properly held to account for their Covid crimes.  Rather, they have tip-toed away from the crime scene, hoping that few will notice. Arguably, Boris Johnson was forced out over a Covid crime, but not the right Covid crime. Politico names names, but again, most who lost their jobs did so for breaching lockdown rules or because their Covid death numbers were rising too fast for their colleagues or leaders.  Not for their crimes of imposing unjustified lockdowns and vaccine mandates, nor for causing the deaths of many either through sanctioning end of life drugs or denying Covid patients proper treatments.

For those volunteering to go, one might speculate as to their reasons.  Could it be growing unease, even the clenching of buttocks, at the avalanche of revelations about the Covid era of policy, and the “c” word?  Culpability. 

The emerging picture of lies, blunders, fatal missteps, cover-ups, useful Covidiocy, rolling over in the face of corporate and globalist pressures, and brutality ain’t pretty.  And you can only hold your fingers in the dyke for so long.  Truth will out.  Perhaps one or more of the following recent developments might have been weighing them down:

The Israeli study, released following a Freedom of Information request, showing that literally no one under 50 and in good prior health died from Covid.  Not one.

One recently released 2020 study showing that Covid was transmitted via asymptomatic people in a mere four per cent of transmissions.  Confirming the repeated claims of health experts such as Peter McCullough, Paul Alexander, Scott Atlas and Mike Yeadon.  Dr. Peter McCullough noted in July 2021:

#1 Virus doesn’t spread asymptomatically.

#2 Stop testing asymptomatic people.

#3 Natural immunity is robust & durable.

#4 Covid-19 is easily treatable at home.

#5 Vax is obsolete & unsafe for human use.

(Source: Covid Truth Network).

Then we have Paul Alexander:

‘Asymptomatic transmission’ study in 2020 out of China using a sample of 10 million persons, showed us that asymptomatic transmission for this COVID virus was a LIE! Fauci et al. all knew it! NO cases

Bottom line: This was one of the early studies, seminal, showing that asymptomatic transmission was really non-existent and rare if at all, for this pathogen. Global health experts e.g. CDC, FDA, NIH, PHAC etc. knew this yet moved to scare the public with transmission lies. This was to force lockdowns and you taking the fraud injection.

Alexander also refers to a study by Madewell et al in 2020: Household secondary attack rate in asymptomatic persons was 0.7% and included 0%, so basically none! 54 studies included in the review, near 80,000 persons. Yet this study was swept under the rug, covered up, not reported. Note the date. Yet they had you running around like a headless chicken thinking you were well, perfect, no symptoms, even testing negative, yet you ‘could’ still be infected and spreading. What a complete pack of bull sh*t we were fed and people bought it. I wrote about this study and others very early on.

The medical community and doctors and academic scientists should be held to account. They knew they were lying.

Other factors in the unfolding scandal: The decisions by several governments, their public health bodies, and the World Health Organisation either to stop recommending Covid boosters or taking particular Covid vaccines out of circulation.

Data showing a massive increase in deaths following the vaccine rollout, and continued excess deaths.  As Peter McCullough has said: Before the vaccines, we lost about 250,000 Americans. Once we rolled in the vaccines, we actually lost 750,000 Americans. (Source: Covid Truth Network).

Evidence that in the United States, more hospitalised patients admitted “with Covid” died from untreated bacterial pneumonia.

Studies demonstrating that the vaccines did not save lives, as endlessly claimed by Covid politicians as their cover story.

The mounting evidence of Big Pharma malfeasance in relation to the impact of mRNA vaccines on women’s reproductive health and their capacity to have babies.  As The Daily Clout has reported:

Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents.

“One thing people have been able to do for thousands of years is to have sex and have babies without any intervention or help from anyone else. It’s a tremendous way that the human race is self-reliant — that it can survive catastrophe. Well, the Tech Bros. and probably China want to take that away from us. This is clear in the Pfizer documents.”

“There’s a section of the Pfizer documents in which Pfizer breaks down the adverse events and concludes that women sustain 72% of them,” she continued. “And of those — and these are Pfizer’s words — 16% are quote-unquote ‘reproductive disorders’ compared to 0.49% for men. So they’re very focused on reproduction, on female reproduction.

“It’s my belief that they were trying to disrupt especially female reproduction. And the question is, how do I know that? And the answer is from the structure of what they looked at. Again, I’m a literary critic, but this is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy babies? That’s the story of the Pfizer documents.”

All of these studies and emergent facts can be easily linked to strategic lies told in 2020 and 2021 by Covid politicians, their acolytes, their teenaged, clueless advisers and the “experts”.  The ones now scurrying from the crime scene.  This is a mere tiny selection among the masses of emergent facts about Covid management that show the policy paths chosen by just about every government to have been negligent and ill-informed at best, and criminally culpable at worst.  And if it is argued that these politicians cannot be expected to be across all of the scientific evidence of their culpability that is now extant, well, that is rubbish.  No, they know the evidence is there.  They are either ignoring it or they are covering it up.  but they are also resigning in droves.  A telling correlation.

As I have suggested previously, all sorts of Covid chickens are coming home to roost. 

When the Covid science is formally accepted by the powers-that-be to be “in”, and the Covid emperors have been shown to be without clothes or credibility, it will probably be too late.  But if the science doesn’t convince the political class – and it clearly hasn’t to date – perhaps other things will.  Things closer to the bone.  Like class actions on behalf of the vaccine injured, such as the one driven by Melissa McCann.

Don’t give them a moment’s rest.

Half a million Australians turned up at Parliament House in Canberra in February 2022 to protest Covid policy and its attacks on freedom, and it didn’t even make the papers.  No politician even bothered to make a statement about the visceral anger at their very door step.  Scott Morrison mumbled something or other.

In any case, by the time all of the roosting chickens have arrived, there won’t be any of them left at all to face the Nuremberg music.  They will, all of them, have simply left the building.  Onwards to their awaiting globalist sinecures, visiting professorships, company board directorships, and the rest of the Covid perquisites.  For services rendered.

Paul Collits is an Australian freelance writer and independent researcher. He publishes widely across a number of Australia’s leading publications and has been one of the country’s single most cogent commentators throughout the Covid era. He has worked in government, industry and the university sector, and has taught at tertiary level in three different disciplines – politics, geography and planning and business studies. A collection of his writing published in A Sense of Place Magazine can be found here. He posts regularly on Substack here.