By Ethan Nash: TOTT News

It is time the Australian establishment stops obsessing over significantly low positive COVID tests results and ‘attributed virus deaths’, given the overwhelming survival rates.

An examination of mortality and case statistics reveals that Australia has a 98.4% survival rate from COVID-19, with only 4.15 (questionable) deaths recorded per 100,000 people.

Ethan Nash explores data relating to negative test results, mortality rates for positive cases, mortality rates vs the general population, overseas statistics, co-morbidities and more. Alone in Australia’s mainstream and independent media, TOTT News were predicting vaccine passports almost from the very beginning of the Covid era; and their dystopian predictions of a year ago have now all come true.

Australian authorities are constantly bombarding the public with case numbers on a daily basis.

‘There has been another 1,248 confirmed cases’, we hear from government talking points, which are used as the ‘justification’ to keep millions of healthy people in locked down across the country.

Australia is gripped with media-manufactured fear of a ‘virus’ that might spread across society, but fail to look past the point that this disease doesn’t really catch OR kill that many people.

Even amongst those who have actually ‘tested positive for the virus’.

Despite the fact death statistics are questionable at best, given that most jurisdictions classify patients who ‘die with’ COVID, the deaths that are confirmed still represent a small percentage.

This article will examine death rates from both a case perspective and a population perspective:

How many Australians have tested positive for COVID?
(Compared to total tests taken to-date)

The mortality rate of positive cases, per absolute number of cases.
(Taken from total confirmed cases in Australia).

The mortality rate of COVID deaths, per 100,000 people.
(Representing a country’s general population, with both confirmed cases and healthy people).

We will also take a look at overseas statisticsco-morbidities and other diseases.

All data used has been taken from the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center and official government sources, to shine a light on fearmongering and scare tactics.


To begin, let’s take a look at the tests themselves, before jumping into an investigation of mortality rates both against total positive tests and the general population.

An examination shows us that, even at the surface level of this pandemic, classic media propaganda tactics are unnecessarily inducing fear into the public conscious.

Upon taking a look at test numbers, we find the following revelations:

There has been 33,023,840 tests conducted to-date, according to the Australian government.

From this, 64,628 absolute COVID cases have been confirmed from these tests.

Some quick math tells us this is a 0.195% ratio between those who take the test and test positive.

This information reveals to us that 99.805% of people who have gotten the COVID-19 test since the pandemic began, have indeed tested negative.

What an incredible statistic to highlight after 18 months into the world’s most ‘deadly pandemic’!

Now, imagine if the media started each morning program with: ‘Another day of 99% negative tests!’

How quickly things might begin to shift.

Now, let’s continue to examine an even more important question: Out of the 0.195% of those who are classified as a positive testing for COVID-19 — just how many have actually passed away?


Death is an unfortunate reality of life. People die in the millions every day from a variety of things.

In 2020, for the first time ever, the entire world shut down at the same time. The hope was to stop a predicted influx of deaths that would devastate the world after coronavirus had emerged.

Still, to this day, Australia remains terrified at even the slightest case of COVID emerging.

But just how deadly is COVID-19? How many of the 0.195% of tests that have come back positive, actually die? Here, we begin to see the media sensationalism that is driving this pandemic:

According to statistics above, 64,628 absolute cases of COVID have been confirmed in Australia.

From this, 1,053 deaths have been officially classified since the beginning of the pandemic.

This equals a case-to-fatality ratio of 1.6% for all confirmed cases of COVID-19:

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Even more good news!

This data confirms, that as of the current date, Australia has a 98.4% survival rate for COVID-19!

Amongst those 0.195% who test positive for coronavirus, 98% of them survive!

Incredible, stunning, amazing!

Why aren’t the media celebrating how non-threatening this virus is to us all?

In fact, in comparison to the general population — including those who didn’t get tested or test positive — we find that there is not much to be worried about at all.


Looking outside of test specific statistics, let’s now take this analysis and compare it to the general population of Australia for some greater context on the ‘virus threat’.

We quickly find, in comparison, that only a small fraction of the population are being hit by this.

As of September 8 2021, there are 4.15 deaths for every 100,000 Australians from COVID-19:

This low number shows that the threat is lower than media outlets would have you believe.

To compare, the intentional self-harm death rate is currently 12.9 per 100,000 people — almost three times the amount of deaths. The shadow pandemic is claiming much higher rates.

In fact, the odds of dying from COVID are getting so low, they are almost approaching the *official* odds for a serious adverse vaccine reaction in Australia:


We are constantly told we SHOULDN’T be scared of the ‘extremely low’ chance of vaccine side effects, yet are also told to be VERY scared of the also extremely low chance of death from COVID?

Does this make any sense to you?


The common response to these numbers from the average, mainstream media watching citizen, would be to highlight that Australia’s significant lockdown measures are the result of small numbers.

‘We have avoided many more deaths’, they like to proclaim, in support of authoritarianism.

However, these statistics actually align with many other countries on a per capita basis, despite varying levels of lockdown measures introduced and societal restrictions enforced.

Take the United States, for example, who (despite hundreds of thousands of deaths attributed to COVID), have practically identical rates to those seen at home:

According to John Hopkins statistics, 40,018,318 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S so far.

From this, 648,998 deaths have been recorded as of 8 September 2021.

This equals a 1.6% case to mortality rate:

In other words, 98.4% of positive coronavirus cases in the United States recover!

Identical to Australia!

When looking at the United Kingdom, we find only slightly higher (but similar) statistics, driving home once again the false pretext for virus scaremongering.

According to statistics, 7,051,516 positive cases have been confirmed.

From this, the country has experienced 133,598 deaths attributed to COVID-19.

This equals a 1.9% case to mortality rate:

In other words, 98.1% of positive coronavirus cases in the UK recover!

Who would of guessed?

Anybody that watches the daily press conferences certainly wouldn’t, given the fact all they hear about is the ‘hundreds of thousands’ of deaths that occur in the US and UK all the time.

Using larger populations and, naturally, larger death counts to scare Australians even more.

Despite the fact that we have practically an identical survival rate to these nations.

If 98% of people in Australia, the US and the UK are all surviving the virus when receiving it, then why are we obsessing over case numbers and deaths? Does the risk justify the coverage?

Further, just who is actually dying, and are the numbers as clear as can be?


As we have just demonstrated, COVID-19 has a significantly low rate of positive tests vs total tests, of conversion from a positive test to a mortality, and then from dying in proportion to these positive tests (as well as in comparison to the general population of Australia).

It becomes even more interesting when you take into consideration age groups and co-morbidities for the 1.6% of positive cases that turn to a mortality.


As per the COVID-19 national guidelines, a COVID-19 death is defined for surveillance purposes as a death “in a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, unless there is a clear alternative cause of death that cannot be related to COVID19 (e.g. trauma)”.

Although in-depth statistics are hard to come by in Australia, the most recent report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics does examine co-morbidities, and it was released on 28 October 2020.

At this date, Australia had already gone through the first peak of death reports, with almost half of the current total death count (682) occurring during that time span.

Almost all deaths due to COVID-19 in this report have other conditions listed on the death certificate (87.2%), with more than 70% of patients dying with co-morbidities:

The table below shows that almost two-fifths of all certificates had both a causal sequence and pre-existing conditions listed on the certificate:

Only 12.% reported alone.

On average, deaths due to COVID-19 had 2.4 other diseases and conditions certified alongside the virus on the patient’s death certificate.

Today, we await newer reports to be released by the ABS, although this may prove difficult to distinguish given the fact that health authorities have now officially changed death classifications:

Here is where things begin to get blown wide open: Of the small percentage of deaths that are reported, health authorities say they can barely distinguish anymore if COVID even played a role in the death, with “some patients having recovered prior to dying”.

Does this throw into question ALL of the 1.6% of deaths that have been listed as a mortality?

When examining age groups of those that are classified as COVID deaths, we find that the reason most have co-morbidities (and are difficult to distinguish), is because most are in higher age brackets — brackets that would already be at a higher chance of dying normally.

Age Groups

The average age of COVID-19 deaths in Australia is 85 years – above the age of life expectancy.


In addition, we also know that most kids who suffered adverse effects from COVID-19, also had underlying medical conditions like elderly patients:

This is similar to age group statistics witnessed in the United States. As you can see by the following tables, the OVERWHELMING survival rate does decrease slightly when broken down by age:

Still think this coronavirus saga is about a virus?


Where was the outcry for the many other (highly preventable and some infectious) diseases that gripped the nation prior to the coronavirus pandemic.. and even during it?

Let’s not forget that the seasonal flu was killing five Queenslanders per week in 2019.

During the same season, there was 37 confirmed deaths across New South Wales alone.

Did we force citizens to anti-democratic lockdown measures because of this?

Fast forward to 2021, and the seasonal flu is nowhere to be found. Funny that.

During this time, authorities have also neglected other health problems and may have shifted deaths to other causes because of cancelled health check-ups during lockdowns.

Screenings for cancer and strokes plunged, because people were too frightened to go to hospital. Specialists are worried the missed diagnoses will have higher mortality consequences for years.

The total number recorded deaths in Australia last year stood at 141,116, as registered by February 28, 2021, according to preliminary ABS data.

In this period, cancer deaths have risen 4 per cent, dementia deaths have jumped 7.3 per cent and diabetes deaths have increasing by 9.1 per cent, among other conditions.

Many of these are pre-existing conditions that are dismissed by being ‘triggered by COVID’.

Much higher statistics, from many diseases also determined by preventative life decisions.

The difference? We didn’t force these patients to live a healthy life or lock them down to ‘save the greater good’. Why aren’t we concerned about the flooding of hospitals in this instance?

These are just a few examples that further drive home the coronavirus scare-demic media operation.

Is this really about protecting us from a (much less deadly) killer?


It is time the Australian establishment stops obsessing over significantly low positive COVID tests results and attributed virus deaths, given the data examined in this feature piece.

We know that the survival rates are SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER than mortality rates.

We know that flu deaths have completely disappeared.

We know that when the flu was around, it claimed significantly more Australians.

We know that vaccines are not justified for children, despite being approved.

Indeed, Australia’s baseless virus narrative is hanging by a thread.

Given that these types statistics are finally exposing the greater fearmongering, the Australian government is now turning the narrative to suggest that ‘hospitals will be overwhelmed’ due to the number of cases that might end up there (but not die).

Despite hospitals reportedly being prepared at the beginning of this pandemic, ‘Our hospitals can’t handle ending restrictions’, we are now being told. For a virus with such high survival rates.

Stay tuned for another investigation highlighting how this is also dangerous media hyperbole.

If they have lied until this point, it should come as a surprise that they are lying again.

For now, switch off your TV and don’t believe the media fearmongering.

Even if you somehow end up ‘catching COVID’, as explored in this piece, the statistics show you have a 98.4% chance of surviving. Those are pretty good odds if you ask me.

What should concern you, however, is the continued removal of freedoms under the guise of ‘protecting you’ from a virus with such a high survival rate.

Arm yourself with the facts and dispel the matrix lie system.

They continue to dig themselves further into a hole, yet the masses will always believe them.

You, however, have the eyes to see.

The ability to reject the Crown Virus; the virus of the mind.

Real eyes, realise, real lies.


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