To watch. The interview with author John Stapleton is the first 24 minutes of this program.

John Stapleton addresses the madness of the past few years elegantly and with an urgent clarity that puts most commentators – and all politicians and bureaucrats – to shame.

Steve Waterson, Senior Editor, The Australian

With terrifying clarity and a unique literary flair, John Stapleton chaperones us through our social decline and the loss of our civil liberties.

Dean Sewell, multi-award winning news photographer. 

At a time when the powers that be wish that Covid questioning would simply go away, there are those, sadly few in number, who continue to probe the inconvenient issues. And tell the real stories of the Covid madness. John Stapleton, again, is leading the charge.  Indispensable reading. Paul Collits, leading Australian political commentator. 

John Stapleton is one of only a handful of journalists with the integrity and courage to challenge the Covid narrative. Australia Breaks Apart is destined to be a masterpiece.

Dr Guy Campbell, Australian Medical Professionals Society. 

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To watch. The interview with author John Stapleton is the first 24 minutes of this program.

The humanitarian crimes committed by Australian authorities against their own citizens, beginning in early 2020, will live on in infamy, but it is the people themselves who create a nation’s history.

On the 12th of February 2022, the largest gathering of Australians in the nation’s history marched on the National Parliament in Canberra to protest the totalitarianism of the Australian Government, chanting “Sack Them All, Sack Them All”.

Crowd numbers are notoriously difficult to calculate and prone to distortion, but whatever the number, no politician, intelligence agency, police force or political strategist in Australia failed to notice that a massive number of people marched on the nation’s capital, with a remarkable amount of good cheer, jubilance and camaraderie; character traits which the nation’s leaders had failed to show in the years of authoritarian derangement.

Between 2020 and 2022 Australia was gripped by a madness which was spiritual, administrative, political, social and judicial in its dimensions. Australians who stood up against the rising tide of tyranny found themselves pepper sprayed, bashed by police, fined and imprisoned in dictatorial abuses which made headlines around the world, a warning to the world against Covid overreach. 

A nation which once prided itself on its laissez faire approach to life and the friendly, easy going nature of its population lay besmirched by a descent into totalitarianism. All the systems Australians had come to rely on failed them at their time of greatest need, every last one of them: the mainstream media, the social media platforms, the legal, medical and academic professions, politicians, bureaucrats, the police, the military and the nation’s intelligence agencies. 

Australia’s democracy proved virus thin.

Retired news reporter John Stapleton shines a light on one of the darkest episodes in the Australian story. Australia Breaks Apart is a fine demonstration of the old saying, journalism is the first draft of history.

To watch click here. The interview with author John Stapleton is the first 24 minutes of this program.



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