Mark McGowan, one of the world’s most extreme Covidians, wrecked havoc upon the citizens of Western Australia. All his policies have now demonstrably failed, from mass vaccination to some of the most extremist lockdowns in the world.

Praised by the Australian’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, millions of other Australian citizens are celebrating as yet another perpetrator flees the wreckage.

In the tiny, incestuous pond of Australian politics, McGowan was known for criticising other Premiers for not locking their states down hard enough, and shamelessly promoting himself as the nation’s Covid Saviour Poster Boy.

Instead of Died Suddenly, he’s Resigned Suddenly.

Here’s an example of the nightmare McGowan launched upon his own citizens.

Amongst those cheering the departure of McGowan is National Director of the United Australia Party Craig Kelly. “McGowan sold Western Australians with the story that he kept them safe with his lockdowns and mandating the third jab,” he said.

“However, the latest released Australian Bureau Statistics Excess Death data for the month of February, 2023, records that Western Australia had the highest rate of excess mortality in the nation for February 2023.

“No wonder he wants out.”

McGowan may well spend the rest of his days dodging the friends, relatives and children who were damaged by the vaccines, those whose lives were disrupted or irreparably damaged by his utterly insane over reaction to Covid.

Those who will spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair. Those who never got to say goodbye to their dying relatives. Those who were sent to prison for trying to return to their home state.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, one of the nation’s worst Covidians, a man who apparently has no regret over his role in the debacle and is consistently refusing to hold a Royal Commission into Australia’s Covid response, is now caught in the quagmire.

He praised Premier Mark McGowan, for being an “extraordinarily successful” leader of the state, before delivering an impassioned speech on the Voice referendum. 

“I want to pay tribute to Mark McGowan, my friend, a confidant, but also an extraordinarily successful Premier of Western Australia.”

The Prime Minister backed Mr McGowan over Western Australia’s strict border closures two years ago, as the nation was gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the pandemic, Mark McGowan stood strong. He stood strong against the claims that WA people should just open up,” Mr Albanese said. “He did the right thing in order to keep Western Australians safe.”

No, he did not.

The isolationist policies are now widely accepted as being not just counterproductive but immensely destructive; by virtually everybody but the Prime Minister.

No way on God’s Earth is a 17.6% excess death rate a success, except in the gas lit world of Australian politics.

In the dream sequence of Australian consciousness, that great realm once described by author Ronald Conway as “The Great Australian Stupor”, the isolationist stance of McGowan, who shut down his state on no scientific or medical evidence and with very, very few cases, stood out for its barbarism.

Here’s one small story about Western Australia finally rejoining the realm.

Western Australians united at last. Courtesy VOA News.

VOA News reported: “After almost two years, Western Australia has lifted the nation’s toughest COVID-19 border controls. Double-vaccinated international and domestic travellers are now allowed in, as the so-called hermit state reconnects with the rest of the world.

“For almost 700 days Western Australia was cut off from the rest of the country and the world. Most international visitors were banned, as Australia’s largest state, which is 10 times the size of the United Kingdom, tried to isolate itself from the pandemic.

“The state premier, Mark McGowan, said the tough policy had avoided needless deaths, but he acknowledged the pain felt by separated families and businesses.

“With almost 99% of the eligible population double-vaccinated, authorities have insisted that the time is right to end border restrictions.”

It’s no wonder Australians are utterly fed up with their politicians.

Many in Australia would like to see the last two remaining Covidian Premiers in the country, Daniel Andrews of Victoria and Annastacia Palaszczuk of Queensland, also join the dustbin of history. The sooner the better.

“Good another one bits the dust”, ran one of many scathing social media comments. 

Rocco Loiacono, writing in Spectator Australia, recorded: “And, above all, we are tired of him boasting how he led us successfully through Covid.

“McGowan, crying in his press conference today, was a kick in the guts to all those he prevented from entering the state to say a final goodbye to their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, even their children who suffered unimaginably because they were cut-off from their families.

“He blocked people from coming to Western Australia on compassionate grounds, while footballers could come and go as they pleased.

“This is the Premier who cut Western Australia off from the country and the world for over 600 days, and then after all that decided to keep borders closed for another three months because we weren’t properly prepared.

“Let’s not forget there are presently laws in this state which allow the Police Commissioner to declare a Covid emergency at the drop of a hat, thereby allowing officers to forcibly enter people’s homes without a warrant and lock them into a quarantine facility to enforce such an emergency.

“With a record like that, no wonder he is leaving.

“Maybe it is a case of Aprés moi, le deluge.”

After me, the deluge.

In other words, Western Australia and many of its citizens will suffer for your insufferable idiocy. And you, Mr McGowan, will reap what you sowed.

As Craig Kelly, now proven to be correct on the entire Covid debacle, said: “McGowan will go down in history as a human rights abusing tyrant. His decision to inflict suffering on hospitalised children, by preventing their vaccine-free parents from visiting and comforting them when sick hospital was as low as it gets.

“And this, when the science showed that the unvaccinated were not a greater risk of having or spreading Covid. McGowan exploited sick children and used as pawns in his political games to look tough.”

The historical record is just beginning to put Mark McGowan’s dire reign into perspective.

Here’s a couple of starting points.