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Six Minutes After Landing A Captain Pilot Suffers A Cardiac Arrest… Pilots & Experts World-Wide Voice Concerns Of A “Catastrophic” Aviation Accident. The Reason? Silenced.

In a slight clearing of murky waters, the world is slowly waking up to realise this once predicted catastrophic pandemic is nowhere near as deadly as foretold.

The unfounded fears swept many in a direction most would rather forget.

Yet for a few burning in the sorrow of silence, remaining quiet, in all its innateness, is akin to a sin like no other.

These voices shatter the silence on a subject that must be acknowledged.

Nearing the tail end of this chronicle of fear; a day of reckoning is burgeoning… For in a brutal joke, it appears we all have been systematically fooled.

Collectively we must accept many of the fears were unjustified and an acknowledgment of mistakes need be made.

In reality we are in a collective period of grief… Whether we know it or not, many of us are drifting within the realms of delusion; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and transformation…

It is early days yet, many lessons must be learnt…

No person can truly mandate another one’s spirit.

The supposed Covid storm has settled. Chaos and lies in the system has been exposed. Persistence in hard truths, embracing uncomfortable conversations will clear the waters…

In this clearance we must discerningly navigate between drowning in a sea of information; as well as a famine of wisdom.

When the Covid-19 mandates were unjustifiably enforced; a line was drawn in the sand. Turning the other cheek is no longer accepted in handling a critical situation.

Sobering-up to a feeling of a deep immense and unspeakable shame from either being coerced by employers or worse: coercing employees themselves, in the name of a public health emergency that was never truly justified. 

Many felt they had no choice, while those of the privileged class were exempt from the extreme Covid-19 response resulting in what this writer can only call, a separation of powers…

In the separation of power; this class yielded vital information and kept it for themselves.

Technocratic censoring; suppression orders on safety data of vaccines, rejections of Freedom of Information (FOI) applications; gagging doctors, banning reported life saving alternate medicines, in the name of saving lives, or so we were told.

PROOF OF DOCTORS GAGGED IN AUSTRALIA. Source: Australian Senator Rennick…

The hypocrisy is downright sickening and in all honesty; predictable. 


A seasoned screenwriter knows the value of the role of the hypocrite. In the most mediocre of ensembles, the agitator keeps the audience thirsting for more; entertained, distracted by a less than impressive performance, winning awards not on merit alone.

The real information hides in the shadows awaiting for light to be shone on by those who are no longer fooled by such a diverting performance. It’s by no coincidence Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest military minds of all, said: “War is 90 per cent information.”

From the skies; voices of those captaining truth are speaking out and shattering the silence…The exposure of the unjustified Covid-19 is just a crack in the surface.


My name is Bob Snow. 
I’m a captain and my total service with the company (American Airlines) is over 31 years.
On November 7th, I was mandated to receive a vaccine.
Quite literally I was told if I did not receive the vaccination I would be fired. 
This (directive) was from my director…so under duress I received a vaccine.
Just a few days ago, after landing in Dallas, six minutes after we landed, I passed out and I coded, I required three shocks. 
I’m now in ICU in Dallas. This is what the vaccine has done for me. 
I will probably never fly again, based upon the criteria that the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) establishes for pilots, I was hoping to teach my daughter to fly. She wants to be a pilot and that will probably never happen all to the courtesy of the vaccine. 
This is unacceptable, and I am one of the victims. 
You can see that this is an actual result of the vaccine… For some of us this was mandatory with no questions asked; ‘Get the shot or you’re fired.’ 
This is not the American way.

On April 9, 2022, American Airlines Captain Robert Snow, after being blackmailed into being injected, reportedly experienced a severe post-vaccination cardiac arrest inside the cockpit of Airbus 321 carrying nearly two hundred souls; the event took place at the gate six minutes after landing. He will never be able to fly again. 

Captain Snow’s story has been blacked-out from the mainstream news, according to independent media reports.

In fact; the video where Captain Snow claimed to have suffered from cardiac arrest due to the Covid-19 provisional vaccination, six minutes after landing almost two hundred passengers, was banned on YouTube.

A gagged doctor with many decades’ experience; who questioned the provisional Covid-19 vaccines and the MRNA technology, described the Covid-19 tyrannical response as a “global crime scene.”

From the many commercial airline pilots this writer interviewed, all who wanted to tell the truth about their Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions were too terrified to be named. They spoke of colleagues suffering adverse reactions from a provisional Covid-19 vaccine that they were told was safe and effective.

Like many they were told “no jab, no job”. 

They are men and women from Australia, America, Canada… Once perceived as valiant captains of the skies they have now become afraid and completely demoralised, a fall from far heights.

Is it going to take a catastrophic aviation accident to end this baseless mandate mess? We hope not

There are barely any viable studies concluding Covid-19 spreads more easily on airlines than any crowded supermarket store…The Canadian health officer in 2020, Dr Theresa Tam confirmed this fact.

The chief executive officer of WestJet is now calling on the Canadian government to drop its vaccine mandate for travellers, saying the policy has “no more logic.”

“Vaccine mandate for air travellers and employees needs to be dropped,” the chief executive officer of WestJet Mr Alexis von Hoensbroech tweeted from an unverified account. A similar post was posted on a verified LinkedIn account.

“As vaccines are not preventing the spreading of the virus since #omicron, there is no more logic to maintain it. This will also relax some of the operational challenges at the airports.” 

Mr Alexis von Hoensbroech is the only vocal CEO calling to end mandates while Australia and American CEO’s stay silent..

Mr von Hoensbroech claimed mandates are no longer justified or logical. This writer questions if they ever were…

Reportedly a case in a Dutch court ruled that commercial aviation pilots applying for a new job position do not require proof of vaccination status, stating it breaches privacy laws.

In New Zealand the High Court overthrew the military mandating of the Covid-19 vaccine to the country’s service men and women, stating the mandates were “unlawful”.

India ended all mandating provisions of Covid-19 vaccination too.

A study in Sweden concluded the medical modelling of justifying Covid-19 vaccine mandates was grossly over-exaggerated.

Many similar credible studies are emerging but are not being widely reported.

Though how is this when many in the community are harbouring a deep anxiety about the long term potential damage from the provisional Covid-19 vaccines?

How many people do you know suffering a heavy chest; a foggy head, symptoms of myocarditis?

 “A minister of state is excusable for the harm he does when the helm of government has forced his hand in a storm; but in the calm he is guilty of all  the good he does not do,” wrote French revolutionary Voltaire. 

The reality of Covid-19 adverse vaccine reactions are real. The many experts on the other side of the mainstream narrative claim they are being under-reported.

On the general world population; in just one year, the provisional vaccine has caused more injuries and more vaccine-related deaths than every other vaccine in the world combined over the past 20-plus years, as reported.

This is not an “anti-vax” view, this is fact, it’s reported in international data and world media reports…The Rio Times described: ‘the numbers are terrifying…’ 

An example of this, is a snapshot of New Zealand’s current number of Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions sitting at more than 60,000 recorded on official government database Medsafe.


Aviation and medical experts believe there is an unmeasurable number of pilots flying hundreds of thousands of passengers on average a day, whom are potentially concealing the fact they are experiencing Covid-19 adverse reactions from provisional Covid-19 vaccinations. 

Yet no one speaks of such subjects on the news; in our parliaments, in the lunchrooms or even waiting outside the school playgrounds…

A leaked document from a New Zealand media source reported that the audience are no longer interested in Covid-19 stories. 

We as journalists, as citizens, need to lead real and uncomfortable conversations of the Covid-19 response aftermath, to prevent such abuses of power repeating and to shed the light on facts that have been concealed…

Captain Snow’s story is not dissimilar to many of us who were mandated based on an unlawful Covid-19 response, lead by a tyrannical duo of baseless and exaggerated medical modelling and a fear mongering media. 

An “army brat”, Captain Snow was an airforce pilot before entering commercial piloting…Captain Snow said he’d never been “anti-vax” but was hesitant due to the fact that experimental Covid-19 vaccines lack long-term studies and the acceleration of its provisional nature and production.

As the breadwinner, to provide for his family, Captain Snow felt coerced by his employer, American Airlines, to be vaccinated with a provisional Covid-19 vaccine…

His story sparks a certain line of inquiry many of us innately sense but dare not to ask…

What will people say if I speak-up? Will I get that job or secure capital for my new business? The children at school may bully my child…I just want to go the pub.

Everyone was put in an unjustifiable position.

After experiencing a Covid-19 adverse reaction that ended this veteran captain piloting career, Captain Robert Snow, chose to speak up, not just himself but for all pilots and aviation workers: “Once they come forward and they indicate that they might be having some sort of issue, that’s a stop right there.

“You know, now you are not technically fit to fly right. That’s going to require some investigation,” said Captain Snow in an independent media interview.

“I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who thinks that they may be having issues; particularly with their heart, to recognise that don’t just push it under the rug…I’m here to tell you, this is a major issue,” concluded Captain Snow.

One pilot told this writer…. “A doctor may be responsible for one life, but we are responsible for hundreds..”

These are real life concerning stories from high performance and credible professionals about the ‘travelling public safety’. These vaccine mandates were never written in their contracts; nor part of their piloting license …

The Covid-19 MRNA vaccines are provisionally approved. How does the fact that there are pilots flying hundreds of passengers suffering adverse reactions from an experimental drug not shocking us…Pre-Covid stories such as this would have made primetime news…

This writer asked pilots this very question and all answered similarly – it is now just “normal.” 



I am a 33-year-old husband and father of two young boys. I am an agricultural pilot by profession, with over 10,000 flight hours. 
I have been very healthy my whole life, with no underlying conditions.
I received my first dose of the Pfizer Covid Vaccine on February 1, 2021. 
Within thirty minutes, I developed a severe stabbing headache, which later became a burning sensation in the back of my neck. 
Two days after vaccination, I got in my airplane to do a job that would only take a few hours. 
Immediately after taking off, I knew that something was not right with me. I was starting to develop tunnel vision, and my headache was getting worse. 
Approximately two hours into flying, I pulled my airplane up to turn around and felt an extreme burst of pressure in my ears. 
Instantly, I was nearly blacked out, dizzy, disoriented, nauseous and shaking uncontrollably. 
By the grace of God, I was able to land my plane without incident – although I do not remember doing this. 
My initial diagnosis of vertigo and severe panic attacks – although I’ve never had a history of either of these – was later replaced with left and right peri-lymphatic fistulas, Eustachian tube dysfunction, and elevated intra-cranial pressure due to brain swelling. 
My condition continued to decline, and my doctors told me that only an adverse reaction to the vaccine or a major head trauma could have caused this much spontaneous damage. 
I’ve had six spinal taps over eight months to monitor my intra-cranial pressure, and two surgeries, eight weeks apart, to repair the fistulas. 
I have missed nearly an entire year of my life – and my children’s lives. 
Days of baseball games, playing in the backyard, and just picking up my kids to hug them have been replaced with living in a sick body, doctor’s visits, and more questions than answers. 
I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fly again. 
This vaccine has taken my career from me, and the future I have worked so hard to build. 
I’ve used all my savings just to pay my medical bills: my family and I are on the verge of losing everything we have. 
I was and still am pro-science and pro-vaccine. The main issue rests squarely on the fact that the FDA, CDC and NIH refuse to acknowledge that real lives are being absolutely destroyed by this vaccine…. 

“The biggest, the riskiest and the most orchestrated and most profitable gamble in medical history.”

Source: U.S. Senate Press Briefing on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries, November 2021, Testimony Pilot Cody Flint, United States.


Lifesaving information from highly credible scientific and medical experts have been denied to the public through a highly funded media dependent on influential investors; advertisers and government subsidies. 

To boot leaders and corporations are also explicit in enforcing blanket Covid-19 mandates worldwide of a provisional drug with an experimental gene technology.

It will take a monumental perception-shift in the majority of people who are lead through a blind faith in authority, to truly comprehend and act on the fact that the Covid-19 provisional vaccines are not essentially traditionally approved and designed posing a possibility to cause more harm than good. 

In this awakening of a greater perspective, the next step is waking up to the fact that mandating such a provisional drug, which does not prevent transmission or infection, especially on healthy pilots who when flying are responsible of many lives, is beyond unlawful, it is lunacy…

In this light, ignoring the concerns of the risks of an adverse reaction is carelessly abhorrent. 

These pilots, and many of us, were told to get vaccinated against Covid-19 to save lives with a “safe and effective” vaccine.

According to Dr Phillip Altman, a Clinical Trial and a Regulatory Affairs Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant with more than forty years’ experience in designing; managing and reporting clinical trials; the provisional Covid-19 vaccine roll-out is anything but “safe and effective.” 

In fact, Dr Altman, believed it is the most risky and profitable gamble in medical history. 

Vaccines by definition, are meant to prevent infection and transmission,” said Dr Altman. “These vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission.” 

For the first time in decades; a solid definition of what is a vaccine, was changed overnight with no questions asked…

“This is a Provisional Approval for a vaccine that uses a technology that has never before been employed in a fully approved drug.

“Not only that, it is a gene-based technology, this is a serious technology, you’re talking about injecting genetic material into people.”

Provisional Approval is often related to ‘fast-track’ options, which usually aim to quickly approve new drugs with limited data for serious illnesses and fast-tracking approval of drugs have been increasing over the last 20 years in countries such as Australia and United States.

In Australia, March 2018, the TGA announced a Provisional Approval. This fast-tracked pathway allowed drugs to be available for up to six years based on preliminary data. The traditional approach in the assessment of a new drug involves a sequence of clinical trials (phase I–III) and can take years to approve.

This fast-tracking of provisional pharmaceutical drugs is present in international health regulative bodies worldwide including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C) in the United States and Therapeutic Goods Administration (T.G.A). 

However, research showed approval can be made to early for drugs with limited data or data reliant information…Or in other words, there is less chance of identifying adverse drug reactions before marketing for drugs that undergo fast-track approval.

How can a pharmaceutical drug with a concerning list of potential fatal side effects such as blood clotting and cardiac arrest can be approved as a blanketed term of “safe and effective” with satisfactory information from a pharmaceutical company who had a 75 year suppression order on the actual safety and efficacy data … Is not questioning this a sense of madness?

The fast-track process of provisional drugs was also adopted in Canada. Compared to approved drugs; an analysis found safety warnings are significantly more likely when rushed through sans the astringency of the usual regulatory process, as reported in an analysis between 1998 and 2013.

Of the 27 drugs approved on limited data; 11 subsequently received a safety warning or were withdrawn because of safety concerns. We are talking about 41 per cent of those drugs that was on the market.

In the same period, there were warnings or withdrawals for 50 of the 265 drugs approved after a standard evaluation.

This is the similar process for the fast-tracked provisional Covid-19 MRNA vaccines…

Dr. Philip Altman who has a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Honours Degree, a Bachelor and Master of Science, and a Doctor of Philosophy; in his expert opinion said the provisional Covid-19 vaccines would not be approved if there was no Provisional Approval option available.  

Dr. Altman explained further in relation to the technology used in the Covid-19 provisional vaccines: “It is a new technology focused on treating very rare genetic disorders or cancers and for that reason people have been prepared to take the risk with this sort of technology, because their life expectancy might be very short. 

“These may be highly debilitating diseases of genetic origin and it’s worth taking a punt but not in this case. 

“In this case we’re talking about injecting the world; including kids, pregnant women, lactating women and injecting babies with a therapeutic (drug) that has not been fully proven to be safe and effective… 
“It’s an informal experiment – it’s informal because not everyone who takes the drug or experiences an adverse reaction has to report the data which is voluntary.” 

“The doctors don’t have to report it (adverse reactions). And in many cases, they are resistant to reporting the adverse drug reactions,” concluded Dr Altman.

An “informal experiment” on pilots flying hundreds of people according to one of Australia’s most experienced experts in medical clinical trials…In this context does this honestly sound “safe and effective”; let alone sane to you? 


I was born into aviation with a father who worked for airlines all over the world. Planes were my first love. With my father’s countless hours in cockpits and family friends who were pilots – I knew it was all I ever wanted to do.
It took eight years of study, to save before resigning from my job and self-funding full-time study to become a Commercial Pilot.
The greatest sense of achievement was taking to the skies for the first time when my instructor hopped out and said: “Off you go. I’ll see you at the other end of the runway after you do a solo circuit.”
It’s a passion; a love and a drug… No strings attached – just you and the elements to make it home safe.
After being coerced with the fear of losing my beloved career and everything I have, I succumbed like many. I’ve had side effects since dose one (of the Covid-19 provisional vaccine) and believed it to be a short-term side effect with dose two (of the Covid-19 provisional vaccine). 
Now also after dose two (of the Covid-19 provisional vaccine) the mother of our children has serious heart issues.
My children need parents…. So, I’m fighting as I don’t wish to be injected again (of the Covid-19 provisional vaccine), risking my health further…
I’m aware of many (pilots suffering adverse reaction symptoms), but when your pilot medical would be on the line with the potential to lose your career passion at age 25-40, saying anything is career ending suicide.


Under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act, Lt. Col. Theresa Long testified on why she grounded vaccinated pilots…

Would the stories of pilots suffering blood clots and cardiac arrest while on duty shock you before the Covid-19 response…?

In a testimony, a senior U.S. Army flight surgeon warned pilots could die in mid-air from COVID-19 vaccine side effects at a Capitol Hill roundtable hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson in the United States last November. 

Under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act, Lt. Col. Theresa Long testified on how she grounded vaccinated pilots to monitor symptoms of myocarditis — including chronic fatigue — that could cause death from heart failure, mid-air.

“I made numerous efforts to get senior medical leaders, to at the very least, inform soldiers of this risk; my concerns were ignored,” Dr. Long said at the event.

For a senior army flight surgeon to ground military pilots – how is this concern justifiably ignored.

“Well, you can see the working environment of pilots is a very special environment,” said one of the most senior medical clinical trial experts in Australia, Dr. Philip Altman. “They (pilots) are more subject to blood clotting than just about any other occupation… And one of the more common and serious adverse events from these gene-based vaccines; is blood clotting.”

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, along with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, Robert Kennedy Jr., Lt. Col Teresa Long and Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, signed a letter addressed to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and major airlines on December 15, 2021, in plight to persuade the authority bodies to flag all vaccinated pilots and conduct rigorous testing such as EKGs, D-dimer tests, troponin tests and cardiac MRIs to evaluate the provisional Covid-19 vaccinated pilot’s health.

Col Teresa Long and Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, signed a letter addressed to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The warning from high-ranking medical and aviation experts in the U.S. concernedly fell on deaf ears…

Meanwhile in Australia, a group of veteran pilots and aviation experts are part of a global aviation and medical freedom coalition, whom are attempting to veto the Covid-19 vaccine mandates in one of the western world’s most tyrannical Covid-19 response measures.

Former Qantas Captain Graham Hoods speaks to protesters against Covid-19 vaccination mandates in Canberra, Australia, Image: Damos …

One of their initiatives is the Aussie Freedom Flyers, a volunteer aviation and transport group, fighting injuries in Aviation following the provisional Covid-19 vaccination.

The class-action group of aviation workers claimed to contain a growing list of anecdotal post vaccination injury reports from staff across the airline industry. One of the most worrying is flight deck crew failing to disclose medically significant conditions for fear of loss of license.

Their experiences and evidence are simply a story of a colossal fight – a fight against unscrupulous CEOs; a compromised government and a grotesque abuse of powers and hypocrisy…

The second part of Six Minutes From Catastrophe – The Australian Story, gives you front seat access from the flight deck perspective of the captain pilot’s David and Goliath plight against the provisional Covid-19 vaccine mandates in Australia and worldwide…

Indeed, from above the clouds, a clearing in the murky waters from the skies is beckoning.

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