By Nick Thompson

The heartfelt outrage of a young Australian bee keeper James Evans and passionate attempts to warn the public about what has occurred on his family’s New South Wales farm, Vast Harvest Permaculture, has gone viral.

James has recently been labelled by the NSW Government as a misinformation spreader after he tested his hives for Varroa Mite and found none amongst his bees and hives.

The NSW government is rarely regarded as a reliable source of information on anything.

The hostile claims of Australian bureaucrats against the nation’s citizenry has accelerated since the beginning of 2020; a period when the governments, not the people, have themselves become the nation’s primary source of disinformation. The contempt of overpaid bureaucrats for the general population, and in this case for the state’s anguished beekeepers, knows no bounds.

Officials from the Department of Primary Industries entered the property to eradicate Evans’ precious bees. He says the officials had not even tested his hives for the mite but instead went ahead and massacred millions of bees for the sake of it.

“We tested them for Varroa Mite, they don’t have any. They didn’t test it. They’re just coming here to destroy them.”

The officials they poured Petrol into his 17 hives, wrapped them in plastic to seal them, leaving the remainder of the bees outside the hives to fly around looking for their Queen and die as a result of having no colony or Queen bee to return too.

Government disinformation has spurred a major uptick in Australia’s independent media, with Maria Zee emerging as one of the country’s most prominent independent journalists. Her website Zeee Media has emerged as one of most confrontational and best of the plethora of Australian independent media outlets now jostling to be heard.

You can see her full interview with James Evans here.

“They’re killing innocent bees. This is just wrong.”

“This is breaking me, I’m only 19, I really don’t need this, I just want the bees to stop being murdered and without the bees the Australian people are going to starve and they know this, we’ll have no pollinators left, especially after they’re finished with their poisoning.”

Australia has around 1,650 species of native bees and even though in James’ situation they used Petrol to gas the bees to death, the Government has been known to use a substance called Fipronil which is banned or restricted in several countries due to it’s potential harmful effects on human health and the environment.

Australia is infamous for allowing the use of agricultural and industrial chemicals along with pharmaceuticals that have failed to gain regulatory approval in other parts of the world.

It’s not only the bees that are under attack, it’s other nectar feeding insects, wildlife such as birds, mammals, reptiles from the use of Fipronil and other chemical agents.

Humanity as a whole has entered a truly frightening period, and nowhere more so than in Australia.

These days, as the country becomes increasingly ungovernable, few in Australia trust their governments to do the right thing.

A petition set up to implore the government to stop their destruction of bee hives has received 30,000 signatures.

They want to Genetically modify everything!

Nature provides to us everything we need, from the Birds and the bees to the air we breath and yet it seems the issue of thrusting us all into global governance is simply because nature doesn’t provide greed and yet they want to vaccinate and manipulate life on Earth.

A Melbourne research firm Magic Valley, is researching Pig Cell line cloning of Muscle and Fat to feed to the population with plant based animal cell lines, synthetic meat under the Government’s catchy phrase “environmentally sustainable farming”, which wont be sustainable farming but instead lab grown foods, with the real sustainable farming on the land being restricted.

Back on the 9th of September 2022, the NSW Government fast tracked a National Biosecurity strategy to create the worlds first mRNA “Vaccines” for animals to be ready by August 2023, with many fears among the Truth Community that the meats in our major food outlets has already been tainted.

It seems to make a lot more sense when you consider why they are killing the bees, a food control tactic to kill off our most precious pollinators so we the people have difficulties growing our own food, thus relying on a monetary based food distribution network that’s becoming saturated with mRNA to get it into to every person on the planet, and yes, such tactics have been deployed globally.

We used to be known as a free country, a country full of sportsmanship, a she’ll be right attitude, but not any more.

The world has watched Australia become the harshest locked down country in the world next to China, our human rights are systematically being eroded, our food is being tainted and our animals and wildlife are being poisoned.

Our ability to freely grow our own food and commerce with one another is being stripped away where Government officials can just walk onto your land and kill off your animals, pets and bees as they see fit. We are very quickly hurtling towards a centralized digital currency to even further control us all, globally and Australian’s with their Aussie attitude once stood proud and strong, yet not any more.

It is time we head back, we do have time to turn around, it’s a matter of providing our own food sources and not settling for the trick of convenience, but instead creating our own joy for gardening, community spirit and engaging in barter and trade between ourselves.

“You’ll own nothing and be Happy”, unless…

Our whole system is in rapid decline with inflation on the rise, making it even more difficult to afford the basic nutrition our bodies need, slowly turning a population already in decline, into a sicker population and we are Bee-Lining towards dependency, to suckle off the Governments tit for life.

Visit the local markets, support the farming Aussie battlers like young James Evans, because if we don’t start supporting each other, then we are supporting a corporate Government and that will only lead to no more ownership of private land.

Our food supply is under attack and without bees we will all starve and then we truly won’t be happy at all.

We are a nation of high achievers and we cannot let these corporate draw this spirit out of us. We must remain with sparkles in our eyes, laughter and hope and support our local farmers and community.

James Evans posts under the handle Tim Truth on YouTube, Rumble or Instagram.

His family’s website can be seen here.

Many Australian farmers, horrified by the globalist attempt to vaccinate their animals with mRNA vaccines, are banding together.

The site Ethical Farmers is a good example of this backlash against corporate greed.