By Geoffrey Greene

Australians find themselves today at a crossroad with our future way of life in the balance. Wokeism has become an insidious, overarching and debilitating weight denying
each of us our ability to think freely, act freely and to control our own destiny – the
promise of a free democratic society many of us have taken for granted for too long.

Wokeism is a term used to describe a growing cultural movement that purports to
advocate for social justice and equality, often focusing on issues related to race, gender,
and sexuality. While on the surface this may seem like a noble cause, it is in reality
another form of Marxist ideology driven by those who seek to undermine the foundations
of Western civilization.

Marxism is a political and economic theory that advocates for the abolition of private
property and the establishment of a classless society. It has been responsible for some
of the most brutal and oppressive regimes in history, including the Soviet Union, China,
and North Korea.

Wokeism is Marxism with a new coat of paint. It seeks to replace the traditional values of
Western civilization with a new set of values based on identity politics and group identity.
This philosophy seeks to divide people based on their race, gender, and sexuality, and
pits them against one another in a never-ending battle for power.

The fight back against wokeism is a moral crisis that requires action. Those who remain
neutral in this fight are complicit in the destruction of Western civilization. They are
allowing Marxist ideologues to take over our institutions, indoctrinate our children, and
destroy the very foundations of our society.

It is not enough to simply sit on the sidelines and watch as wokeism spreads like a virus
through our society. We must actively push back against this ideology and expose its
flaws and dangers.

We must stand up for the principles of individual liberty, free speech, and equality under the law that have made Western civilization great.

Unfortunately, the egalitarian and generous nature of the Australian people has allowed
wokeism to flourish and infiltrate our everyday life. We need to recognise we are already
in a war to protect our way of life. We have effectively slept walked into the abyss with
our institutions saturated by woke culture.

Those who remain neutral in this fight are betraying the very principles we stand for. They are abandoning their fellow citizens and allowing the forces of tyranny and oppression to build on the substantial foothold they have already achieved in our society.

Make no mistake, the fight back against wokeism as a Marxist philosophy is a moral
crisis that requires action. We must stand up for the principles of individual liberty, free
speech, and equality under the law, and expose the dangers of this ideology. We must
call it out wherever and whenever we see it.

Those who remain neutral in this fight are betraying the very principles that they claim to
stand for and will be held accountable for their inaction.

As Edmund Burke said, “The hottest fires in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.”

Geoffrey Greene is one of Australia’s smartest political operatives, having worked behind the scenes on the conservative side of politics for decades. He was one of the strategists behind John Howard’s long reign as Prime Minister, and is a former director of both the South Australian and Queensland divisions of the Liberal Party. He has also working as a campaign manager for Opposition Leader Peter Dutton.

We recently published his scathing analysis of the current state of the conservatives in Australia, as the Liberal Party rebuilds after devastating electoral losses across the country. See below.

The images are from the AI program Stable Diffusion and were generated by Geoffrey Greene with the prompt an alien civilisation in the middle of Brazil. He had never used the program before, and like all of us is amazed by the rapidly evolving technologies of the 2020s. Unfortunately, the newest sensation on the block Chat GPT is politically correct; indeed woke. It, too, like many of those masquerading as our political representatives, has been trained to lie.