By Susan Pavan: i3 Publications.

Manipulation of the mainstream media during the Covid era has left a bad taste in many people’s mouths, but also spawned a talented and highly motivated new generation of citizen journalists who have refused to accept the government narrative.

One of the most talented and passionate of the writers to emerge is Susan Pavan, a mother of four with a strong background in traditional journalism. She has established a new publication, i3 Publications.

The new Albanese government is already being enveloped by historic social and political pressures more dramatic and immediate than anyone could have imagined; particularly the spiralling cost of living and falls in living standards. One of those flashpoint issues which is sure to come back and haunt them, no matter how much massaging of the public narrative, is the relationship between Australia and the World Health Organisation; in particular their orchestrated and highly controversial response to Covid over the past two and a half years.

A response which many believe has done irreparable harm to the country.

This piece was written just before the May 21st election, but carries many warnings for the future.

People gathered outside the pre-polling voting booths in Sydney, Australia. 

It is the nation’s Federal Election where two major parties reign rule over Australia. 

Many citizens believe they only have two choices….

  1. Australian Labor Party (ALP) whom pretends to play left wing politics 
  2. Liberal Party of Australia (LIBERAL PARTY), whom pretends to play the right wing party.

Many Australians are struggling to see through this false political dichotomy… The once left-and-right traditional ideology most Australians were born into has died.

To truely comprehend both parties are one; the foundation to many people’s belief system, would shatter into millions of tiny painful shards if they face this truth…

Despite a thick veil of denial; deception, confusion and division, there are those who are waking up in droves…

In the greatest of grief and frustration, they see this once valiant bird of democracy take flight, no more than a mere seagull. 

What lies behind the crumbling illusion are just two wings of the same scavenging bird feeding off the global corporate crumbs — leaving nothing for the people it once served. 

What is blocking the majority of Australians in seeing this truth, is a blind faith in authority.

In Australia the once working-class of left wing are unaware that they support fascist views and the supposed right wing are in support of progressive views which target the degeneration of our families. 

The supporters of the ‘one bird’ believe in fair play and looking after your fellow Australians until one disagrees with the narrative. 

They believe their leaders saved the country from a deadly pandemic, all the while hijacking the ANZAC spirit.

If any one dare challenges these beliefs; the dissenter will be torn down; ridiculed and segregated. 

Triccy from The Peoples Revolution in Queensland, Australia.

As one man commented against a story criticising Covid-19 vaccine mandates, towards this writer: “You’d be shot for treason,” in wartime England. 

What these Australians remain blind to see are; rogue, self-serving leaders who have denied life-saving treatments for Covid-19; healthy young people suffering adverse reactions such as myocarditis including pilots reportedly flying planes with hundreds of passengers safety in their hands….

All for a disease ranking the 38th leading cause of death in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

There is no logic. 


Image: Hollie Mariconte WEBSITE:

Sydney, Australia… A volunteer from one of the major Australian political parties, ALP, hands a man a how-to-vote flyer. 

The man declined and said: “No I don’t vote for communists.” 

Like a pack of school children the ALP volunteers laugh at his comment behind the man’s back just loud enough to be heard. 

After voting., the man approaches the individuals and calls out their immature response and behaviour….

This man who is also a father,  told the volunteers he and his wife were once loyal Labor supporters. A three-generation kind of loyal. 

Pointing at the actual Labor candidate who is standing only a few meters away, this man whom had been laughed at, had voted for the candidate over the past decade, he directed this question towards the volunteers:

 “Why would I vote for a man so he can make a living off the fact that I can’t…”

Clearly the man was affected by the Covid-19 provisional vaccine mandates. 

He had shut down his business in 2021 and like many of hundreds-of-thousands of Australians, this man has protested at ever opportunity possible since the vaccine mandates were established. 

The voter gestures to the sitting candidate to come over to this growing debate outside of the voting centre. The man said to the candidate: “I can not believe your party supports mandates against bodily autonomy…I can’t not believe your party supports communism.” 

The candidate said: “I don’t think I would call it that…” 

The man asked: “What would you call it?” 

The question was met with a stone silence and the candidate attempted to walk away, without remorse of losing another vote, after all he sits in what is called a safe seat. Decades of the voter’s support now means nothing to the candidate. The voter and his family, once religious Labor supporters, are happy with the candidates disregard, which only confirms that the two votes they just made in support of the ‘freedom parties’ was the right decision. 

“What about Australia signing pandemic powers over to W.H.O (World Health Organisation) ” said the man. 

The candidate walked away commenting the Australian constitution could never be overruled. 

What Are The World Health Assembly Amendments And Why Should We care? 

Image: Hollie Mariconte WEBSITE:

The World Health Organisation (W.H.O) is planning to discuss a set of proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (I.H.R) as it seeks to improve its preparedness for future pandemics.

Watch Aus. Sen. Alex Antic on the International Ceding of Sovereignty to WH.O

The World Health Assembly, which will take place in Geneva, May 22 to 28, 2022, will vote upon proposed amendments.

Australia is one of the 194 countries whom are members. 

The international health regulations was initiated through the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) in 2005. It was designed to bind countries to the World Health Organisation on one platform. 

Australian Senator Alex Antic said: “Many of those provisions are draconian but the Biden administration proposed a draft of amendments only a few months ago through trying to sneak them under the carpet in record time.”

Senator Antic believes the W.H.O has had a taste for global control.

“The World Health Organisation is now trying to break that position in where it can basically tell, or at least instruct countries across the world that sign up how to deal with a pandemic,” he added.

Fact-checkers have discredited claims The article 12  amendments remove the requirements for the W.H.O Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to receive the agreement of the state in which an outbreak is occurring before determining a health emergency.

Even if the fact-checkers on paper are correct, it is a fact these fact-checkers are incredibly bias to progressive views and discredit conservative media and politicians.

Great video 💯 The W.H.A. International Health Regulations V.S. the W.H.O. Treaty, what they are and solutions for how we can stop them both from having authority over this country in the immediate future.🔥

At the pre-polling booth, this writer asked voters what are their thoughts on this unfolding story. 

Most people did not even know about W.H.O potentially holding national pandemic powers, besides an aware few.

“How do we possibly trust anything the politicians or W.H.O say – they have lied, they have manipulated, they have twisted and screwed the truth to the very inch of its proverbial life,” said one voter.

“We had citizens shot with rubber bullets, look at Shanghai…W.H.O is in cahoots with China,” said another voter. 


The Prime Minister Of Australia Mr Scott Morrison, hasn’t ruled out Australia signing up to a W.H.O treaty pandemic proposal, which is still in its draft stages, saying the detail would need to be examined.  

This is highly concerning as W.H.O did conceal the origins of Covid-19 in China and in actual fact W.H.O warned Australia not to shut down its borders. 

So why would Australia need W.H.O? 

There are reports this proposed draft to be finalised in 2024 includes mandates, sanctions and lockdowns not dissimilar to Shanghai and Melbourne, Victoria circa 2021.

Again fact-checkers discredited claims but one must know the fact-checkers are part of billion dollar funded companies, who do not hold conservative views. 

Mr Morrison said at a press conference while campaigning for this week’s Federal Election : “The problem is we don’t know what happened at the start of this pandemic. And I was the one calling to ensure that we had an independent process to understand what happened. So it couldn’t be repeated…

Again – then why does Australia need W.H.O? 

“So I have been in the Vanguard of those moves internationally to ensure that there is greater protection for world health to ensure that, those world health authorities can come and understand what’s going on and be able to assist countries to be able to prevent the spread and outbreak of major infectious diseases.”

This is coming from a man who claims the Covid-19 vaccine is voluntary in Australia. 

Yet this writer has interviewed doctors; nurses, pilots and teachers who fought the mandates but are too terrified to speak out. 

They are threatened with disciplinary action or loss of licenses – a nurse was told she could not even speak to her union and this writer has seen proof. 

Others said if they were not vaccinated they could not put food on the family’s table. This country is in a mess because of this Prime Minister’s weak leadership. 

According to Australia’s constitution, The Prime Minister holds powers to override the state leader’s draconian Covid-19 response including mandates…The state government can not supersede federal government. 

Most successful screenwriters know creating such an antagonist and  hypocritical character would win awards….You could not make this Covid-19 show up in Australia…

The opposition leader of ALP, Mr Anthony Albanese said: “What we have said is that, we need clearly to strengthen (with) W.H.O and the way that it operates.”

“One of our three pillars of our foreign policy is our alliance with the United States engagement in the region and support for multi-lateral forums.”

Mr Albanese’s response is just as weak; if not vague and confusing…

It appears both parties are on board signing up with W.H.O.

Australians need to pay attention and start asking questions based on the fact their leader’s own an average of 2.5 properties….National sovereignty and natural resources do not come cheap…


Australia is the golden child of high vaccination rates globally and ignored W.H.O in the initial stages of the reported Covid-19 outbreak….

So again – why would Australia need W.H.O?

  • World Health Organisation rakes in $8.4M in fees plus tens of millions more a year from Australian taxpayers.
  • But W.H.O stalled on declaring a pandemic, told countries to keep their borders open and heaped praise on China. 
  • The Australian government has largely ignored the W.H.O and forged its own path toward stopping the virus.
  • W.H.O Director-General met with President Xi Jinping at the end of January last year and hailed China for “transparency” – despite reports of the CCP detaining doctors alerting public of a potential outbreak.  
  • This same Ethiopian director has worked under a dictator and commends President Jinping’s dictatorship. 

Ironically, based on this information, W.H.O would have ended up running the Covid-19 show in a less soviet-style response than Australia…No border closures – no lockdowns.

Yet W.H.O is ran by a man who is pro-dictatorship and is so highly funded – how would a small country – yet an individual challenge a giant health body?

This highlights the long list of inconsistencies; questions, chaos and confusion that is inflicted on humanity right now through globalists and government controlled information and action…

We need to get back to local sovereignty – Australians do not have a bill of rights because as stated, the government has the people’s best interest at heart….

So if we don’t need a bill of rights because our government has the people’s best interest at heart – it seems to be in contradiction when relinquishing our power to a foreign entity.


To conclude, this is an unfolding story breaking in a house of smoke and mirrors. On paper the argument that W.H.O can not break constitutional sovereignty is strong. But there are many unanswered questions and confusing messaging from weak leaders.

As one man said to this writer at an Australian Federal Election pre-polling booth: “We never thought it would be legal to stop people from protesting; to mandate an provisional drug and put people in jail for dissenting…”

This man has a strong point…How do we trust the constitutional rights argument when on a micro level citizens who are aware of the unlawful government overreach acted under “emergency law” witnessed otherwise…

On top of this, the lack of transparency and confusion caused by contradictory leader messaging; has lead to an incredible breeding ground for speculation and mistrust. 

A captain pilot is responsible for the entire safety of his airline – is not the Prime Minister/President too? So why does Australia, again, need W.H.O…

There is still no solid evidence provided from the Australian government justifying such a tyrannical Covid-19 response for a disease now widely accepted akin to the seriousness of the flu. In fact, the government has rejected multiple Freedom Of Information Act Applications requesting such medical and scientific evidence. How then, could one obtain such evidence from a giant global health body such as W.H.O if we can not even get the information from our own governments…

To this day worldwide all citizens need to lift their standards in responsibility and leadership, ceasing the blind faith in authority mentality.

Grass root freedom groups in Australia are leading the way in a people-powered election campaign: vote the major parties last. 

Leading up to the Australian Federal Election, the people have taken to the streets with the above message in nationwide protests…

Everyday people are also letter-box dropping and groups are hitting crowded spots such as the shops to engage with the public providing practical information on how to vote the majors last. 

Websites have been developed with simple online how-to-vote cards and online voter education programs have been booked out.

Pray and meditation groups have also even been set-up focusing on the intention to vote the major parties out.

The goal is for more freedom parliamentary representatives who oppose pandemic powers, holding the major parties accountable on behalf of the people when treaties and amendments such as W.H.O and I.H.R come into play…

People concerned about these proposed global health powers can act by sending written questions to local, state and federal ministers. There are quite a few open letters to follow and sign. 

Regardless, recognise there is a psychological play present of confusion; distraction and chaos in this information war. It often feels overwhelming sourcing actual truth. 

As one lawyer told this writer; be in touch with your internal law. For those with faith – God’s Law. For those, not with faith – Natural Law. 

Deep down every human knows what is right and wrong with an incredible inbuilt system to discern truth. Now is the time to start practicing it. First starting with the right line of questioning – again, why do the citizens of the world need W.H.O…

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