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Australia Burns: Riots on the Streets. The Best of 2021.

By Ethan Nash: TOTT News ‘We built this city!’: Pro-choice tradies bring Melbourne to a standstill Thousands of blue-collar workers, and their supporters, have once again hit the streets of Melbourne to stand for personal freedom and medical choice. TOTT… Continue Reading →

Blackout Aftermath: Melbourne Campaigners Infiltrated, Hunted and Censored. The Best of 2021.

TOTT News Melbourne emerged from an unprecedented blackout across the city to find the movement had been seriously damaged by counter-intelligence operations. We take a look inside Day 5 and Day 6 of Melbourne’s attempted freedom protests – events that… Continue Reading →

Mounting Protest: Australia’s Real Rukshan

The Digital Realm Outflanks the Official Narrative The breakup of Australia and the breakdown of Australian society is also transforming the media landscape. One figure, the Real Rukshan, has captured a significant following, and even plaudits from some of the… Continue Reading →

What is Wrong with Calling the Melbourne Protests ‘Far Right’

Elise Thomas: Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Over the past week there has been a great deal of debate about who exactly has been storming through Melbourne’s streets. It’s been repeatedly claimed, including by union leaders, that the protests, which started… Continue Reading →

Australia Destroyed: The Streets of Melbourne

By John Stapleton In the previous few days Australians have witnessed unprecedented scenes of the brutal crushing of dissent on the streets of Melbourne, which has now officially suffered through the strictest and longest lockdowns in the world. The result… Continue Reading →

Melbourne Freedom Protest: What the Mainstream Media Didn’t Show You

By Ethan Nash with TOTTNews TOTT News provides readers with an on-the-ground timeline of events from Saturday’s violent freedom protest in Melbourne – including what the mainstream media, hostage to government agendas and having abandoned their traditional roles of holding… Continue Reading →

Protesters swarm Melbourne CBD after lockdown announcement | Video

From TOTT News Powerful scenes were witnessed on the streets of Melbourne overnight, just hours before the city entered its fifth lockdown, as angry protesters marched through the CBD. Concerned citizens filled Melbourne’s CBD from around 7pm to oppose the… Continue Reading →

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