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Covid Dictator’s Days in Politics are Done

By Sonia Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard is set to retire from politics after three decades in Parliament.  While Mr Hazzard was instrumental in facilitating the decriminalisation of abortion in New South Wales in 2019,… Continue Reading →

Pfizer’s Reputation Destroyed by European Union Parliament Admissions: Why Isn’t Australia Holding a Similar Inquiry?

By John Stapleton. Extract from the Upcoming Book Australia Breaks Apart. Below is a transcript of a press conference held by members of the European Parliament expressing their absolute outrage over the performance of vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, including, despite being… Continue Reading →

‘Killer Robots’ will be Nothing like the Movies

Toby Walsh, UNSW Sydney You might suppose Hollywood is good at predicting the future. Indeed, Robert Wallace, head of the CIA’s Office of Technical Service and the US equivalent of MI6’s fictional Q, has recounted how Russian spies would watch… Continue Reading →

Abolish All Covid Related Fines

Monica Smit: Reignite Democracy Australia. Open Letter. My name is Monica Smit, I’m 34 years old, born and bred in this beautiful country. I was brought up to respect authority, pay my taxes and be kind to my neighbour. I… Continue Reading →

Factcheck This: Bombshell Vaccine Revelations In the European Parliament Rock Australia

By John Stapleton: Extract from the upcoming book Australia Breaks Apart For anyone who has followed the Covid narrative and the rampant corruption involved, this is the biggest story on Earth.  The revelations out of the European Parliament that Pfizer… Continue Reading →

Art as Living Amends: Nick Cave on Creativity as an Instrument of Self-Forgiveness and the Necessity of Hope in a Fragile World

From Maria Popova: The Marginalian. A Sense of Place Magazine is an unabashed fan of Maria Popova’s celebrated blog The Marginalian, to our mind the best and most easily accessible literary journal in the world. We cannot recommend it more… Continue Reading →

Flecks of Gold in the Whitewash: The First Major Review of Australia’s Disastrous Covid Policies

By Paul Collits. Featuring the Art work of Richard Dadd. Well, finally we have a review (of sorts) of the Covid policy fiasco in Australia.  Not an official inquiry, as we suspect no government involved in erecting the Covid State… Continue Reading →

‘Resist!’: Australians March as the Covid Narrative Collapses Worldwide

With TOTT NEWS Scandal after scandal is now rocking the Covid Czars, as their narrative collapses worldwide. In Australia many of the fear mongering perpetrators remain in power and have so far failed to apologise to the population whose welfare… Continue Reading →

Meet Qikiqtania, a Fossil Fish with the Good Sense to Stay in the Water while others Ventured onto Land

Thomas Stewart, Penn State. Approximately 365 million years ago, one group of fishes left the water to live on land. These animals were early tetrapods, a lineage that would radiate to include many thousands of species including amphibians, birds, lizards… Continue Reading →

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word 

By Jeffrey Tucker: Brownstone Institute. It’s been more than obvious since April 2020 that lockdowns were far too costly for individuals and society and could never earn a rational public-health defence. And the evidence was rolling in from one year… Continue Reading →

Never tap out. Never submit! I am a warrior! The Sean O’Leary story. 

By Jeremy Aitken In 2020 Sean O’Leary was living in a fog of painkillers trying to navigate life with a new prosthetic leg. The 170 cm father of two sons weighed 127 kilograms and “was in a dark place” after… Continue Reading →

Agree with Us or Hold your Tongue

By Professor Ramesh Thakur: Australian National University. Every crisis, they say, is an opportunity. Governments, health bureaucrats and drug regulators all over the world have exploited the Covid-19 crisis to grab power and gain control over our lives. Predictably, rather… Continue Reading →

Australia’s COVID response was ‘overreach’ and Worsened Existing Inequalities, according to Independent Review

Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Australia’s response to COVID-19 exacerbated existing inequalities within the society, according to an independent review, which urges that “overreach” be avoided in dealing with future such crises. Those bearing “the brunt” of the pandemic included… Continue Reading →

A Big Picture Look at the Disastrous Public Health Response to COVID-19

By Carla Peters and David Bell: Brownstone Institute. An underlying principle of public health is, or was, to provide the public with accurate information so that they can make good health choices for themselves and their community.  The past three… Continue Reading →

Our Homo Sapiens ancestors shared the world with Neanderthals, Denisovans and other types of humans whose DNA lives on in our Genes

Joshua Akey, Princeton University When the first modern humans arose in East Africa sometime between 200,000 and 300,000 years ago, the world was very different compared to today. Perhaps the biggest difference was that we – meaning people of our… Continue Reading →

Shearers: The Photography of Russell Shakespeare

Award winning photographer Russell Shakespeare explains the obsession: I’ve photographed shearers a lot over the years for a number of different publications. They’re an important and easily understood symbol for one of Australia’s most important industries; and there is a… Continue Reading →

The Demonization of the Unvaccinated: A Look Back

Michael Senger: The Brownstone Institute. Social media has been in an uproar since a member of European Parliament posted a video of a hearing in which a Pfizer director admitted the company never tested whether its Covid mRNA vaccine prevents transmission prior… Continue Reading →

From Out of Chaos: The Art of Ronan Dinneen

I had full on psychosis. But I kept drawing all the time. I was living in Saigon in Vietnam, ended up homeless. I was pulling the cameras out of the wall in my hotel; and they kicked me out. I… Continue Reading →

How Philosophy turned into Physics – and Reality turned into Information

Peter Evans, The University of Queensland. The Nobel Prize in physics this year has been awarded “for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science”. To understand what this means, and why this… Continue Reading →

The Vaccine Narrative Is as Leaky as the Vaccines

By Ramesh Thakur: Australian National University. Let’s start with two simple questions. If regulators had the information available to them of the leakage between Covid-19 vaccine efficacy rates in controlled trials and their effectiveness in the real world, would they… Continue Reading →

Nobel prize: Svante Pääbo’s ancient DNA discoveries offer clues as to what makes us Human

Love Dalen and Anders Götherström, Stockholm University. The Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for 2022 has been awarded to Svante Pääbo from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, “for his discoveries concerning the genomes of… Continue Reading →

Yen’s White Lie: Charles Gerard and the Secrets of Old Saigon. Holiday Reading.

By John Stapleton. Yen’s White Lie details a complicated lover’s tryst in Old Saigon. But the city itself is as much of a character as the denizens that haunt the atmospheric alleyways and cafes of the past. When author Charles… Continue Reading →

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews Unmasked: The Man The Monster

By Geoff Shaw There is no doubt that Geoff Shaw regards the Premier of Australia’s second most populist state as a monster. But before we get into the excerpts, let’s skip straight to the end of the horror story. Alex… Continue Reading →

The Koala – when it’s Smart to be Slow

Danielle Clode: Flinders University. The koala was clinging to an old tree stag while stranded in the Murray River, on the border between New South Wales and Victoria. A team of students from La Trobe University noticed its predicament as… Continue Reading →

The Daughter of Siberian Shamans

Yakutsk is the coldest place on Earth. Winter temperatures plunge below minus 50 degrees Centigrade. The town of Oymyakom, in the East Siberian Depression, has recorded temperatures well below of minus 60. The indigenous tribes of this most hostile of… Continue Reading →

Don’t Mention the War Powers: Behind the Australian Government’s Silence

Zacharias Szumer: Michael West Media Traditionally in Australia only the Prime Minister has the power to take the country to war. It has led to Australia’s involvement in some highly unpopular wars, including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott taking the… Continue Reading →

The Desert Stars: The World’s Most Remote Rock Band.

The Photography of Dean Sewell/Oculi The Spinifex People, as they are now known, are the immediate descendants of the last nomadic hunter gatherers to experience contact with the modern world. They live on the southern flank of the Great Victorian… Continue Reading →

Life, Death, Intimacy and Privilege: Four Works of COVID Fiction

Deborah Lupton, University of NSW, Sydney. Pandemics force us to face our mortality, prompting profound questions about life’s meaning. It is not surprising, therefore, that since the days of medieval plague outbreaks, infectious diseases have attracted the imagination of novelists…. Continue Reading →

The Stars of Australia’s Blossoming Independent Media: Morgan Jonas and The MCJ Report

A profound lunacy has overtaken Australia; and the entirely bought mainstream media, hostage to their government funding, has ignored what is happening right in front of all our eyes. But as the saying goes, it’s an ill wind that blows… Continue Reading →

The Australian Economy: Whither To From Here?

By Alan Austin: Independent Australia. The latest official data on Australia’s economy reveals serious structural problems making all workers poorer, as Alan Austin reports. A RECENT EMAIL from the office of Dr Jim Chalmers mysteriously lost the first letter of his title, thus describing… Continue Reading →

Australian Government and Opposition in Bed On National Security

By Paul Gregoire: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. The twilights years of the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison government were marked by the realisation that the framework of national security and terrorism laws passed over the last decades had become so broad that the much-warned-of… Continue Reading →

The Long Read: Covert Concessions and Sweetheart Deals. Extract from Unfolding Catastrophe: Australia

By John Stapleton The brutal and very ugly face of the Covid response in Australia, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, is now mired in scandal, flayed daily in the public square. The discovery that he appointed himself to five different… Continue Reading →

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