By John Stapleton

With police blanketing the streets of Melbourne, citizens being assaulted by thugs in uniform, doors being broken down, a woman being dragged screaming from her car while millions in Melbourne remain shut down in the world’s most draconian and irrational lockdowns, the Australian government has lost control of the very Covid narrative it created.

Gormless journalists have been part of the problem, acting as purveyors of propaganda for politicians and health bureaucrats rather than doing their job of aggressively holding power to account.

There have been days of revelations that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews did not seek the advice of police or senior health officials before implementing a curfew. He has refused to release much-touted modelling he says supports his actions, while the very researchers who developed it say it does not support the current extreme measures.

Meanwhile there were wild scenes as out-of-control police dragged a screaming women from her car, tackled protesters to to the ground, harassed old ladies sitting on a park bench. Seventy four people were arrested over the weekend and 176 people fined over their participation in a Freedom Walk. A Melbourne man is in an induced coma after his head was stomped on by police during his arrest. 

Cut straight to surreal. Daniel Andrews first press performance after a truly shocking weekend was all about encouraging outdoor dining and pop up cafes as a path to financial recovery. Fearless journalists asked about plastic screens between tables. About as cutting edge as a wet lettuce leaf.

Martial law has been introduced in Australia and the perpetrators have got away with it.

Normally unabashed backers of the conservative side of politics, Sky News has been the bluntest of all news outlets in decrying the current insanities being perpetrated on the Australian population.

As the old saying goes, the left is not always right and the right is not always wrong.

This month alone:

2 September, 2020: A National Day of Shame

Sky News host Rowan Dean says this is a “national day of shame” and Victoria stands condemned in the eyes of the world after a pregnant woman was arrested for ‘incitement’ following an anti-lockdown Facebook post.

“I don’t care what your emergency laws are. I don’t care what your lockdown special police think they are doing,” Mr Dean said.

The Victorian woman was arrested in front of her children on charges of ‘incitement’ after allegedly organising an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook. Mr Dean said the prime minister must take action against Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews straight away.

“Scott Morrison, enough is enough, step in now, boot this clown Andrews out of the National Cabinet,” he said. “Stand up and say we are not going to have pregnant women arrested in their own homes for posting online a legitimate political point of view. “Scott Morrison show some bloody leadership.”

2 September, 2020

Australia is facing is not a recession but a catastrophe

Sky News host Alan Jones says what Australia is facing is not a recession but rather a catastrophe which no one in the government “has any clue how to get out of”.

“I don’t think anyone in the government has any clue how we get out of this,” Mr Jones said. “This is the worst economic blow since World War Two, the largest fall in GDP, seven per cent since records began in 1959.

“It is not a recession; it is a catastrophe. “The response to this coronavirus has been prompted by alarmist chief medical officers who have ignored international evidence; politicians who’ve refused to lead but rather follow; and hysterical modelling, which has now been totally discredited”.

9 September, 2020

Communism is knocking on the door

A group of 13 doctors and surgeons recently signed a letter to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews which said the lockdowns and restrictions were killing more people than COVID-19, many of these doctors are now fearful for their own professional futures.

“This is now a massive story,” Mr Jones said. “They are now fearful for their own professional futures; they believe there will be repercussions for speaking out.

“If people can arrest pregnant mothers in front of crying children, why can’t they come after the doctors next. The communists knock on the door, is this the new world order?”

10 September, 2020

COVID-19 has descended into cold-blooded psychological bullying

Sky News host Alan Jones says the whole coronavirus pandemic has been dominated by lies, dishonesty, misrepresentation and now “cold-blooded emotional and psychological bullying”.

Mr Jones said amidst all the “coronavirus scaremongering, alarmism, heartlessness, indifference, an absence of care from politicians and bureaucrats” the country has reached the pinnacle of horrible behavior.

It comes as Ms Palaszczuk declared in Queensland parliament that she “will not be bullied nor … intimidated by the prime minister” after he contacted her to seek an exemption of hotel quarantine for a Queensland woman who would otherwise miss out on her father’s funeral.

“It looks as though the lust for power has removed your own sense of basic humanity and decency.”

11 September, 2020

Victoria is a Basket Case

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Victoria has demonstrated there is increasingly one law for the peaceful and another for the dangerous.

It comes after a large Black Lives Matter protest recently went ahead in Melbourne despite being banned by the state’s virus laws; no attendees were arrested or charged by Victoria Police.

“There seems to be one law for the peaceful and another for the dangerous,” Sky News host Andrew Bolt said.

“The easier you are to bully around because you are a law-abiding, nice person … the more your freedoms are actually in danger.

“The state where this is most obvious … is Victoria. “It really is a basket case … it’s madness there.”

13 September, 2020

COVID-19 has exposed Labor premiers to be devoid of judgement and accountability

Premier Daniel Andrews’ and Annastacia Palaszczuk’s response to COVID-19 has “made a grotesque mockery” of the Australian parliamentary system, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

Mr Dean said it was American Comedian Groucho Marx who said “politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies”. “We have some truly outstanding politicians here in Australia of a calibre that Groucho would be extremely impressed by”.

“Democratic government is built around two fundamental principles: judgment and accountability, but in Australia, Labor state governments have grotesquely twisted this with hideously flawed judgment followed by total unaccountability”.

The coronavirus has exposed the Premiers for “the charlatans that many of them are: devoid of judgement and devoid of accountability”.

13 September, 2020

Save me the garbage that Dan Andrew’s announced anything new today

Sky News host Paul Murray said today the media, yet again, did the bidding of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews by pretending that when he did his announcement today, he had anything to say.

“You’re going to be looking at October, not September as when you get out because here’s the deal, there’s still going to be a curfew, just because it starts at nine o’clock doesn’t somehow make it more fair.

“You still can’t go to work and even then when the regions start to get a crack, its not going to be everyone who’s going to be allowed to go to work. You still can’t go and see friends, you can’t meet anywhere. Save me the garbage that something has changed today.”

13 September, 2020

Daniel Andrews is an elected dictator, and nobody can control him

Jim Penman, founder of Jim’s Group, says for Premier Daniel Andrews to claim that opening pet grooming services while keeping private lawn mowing companies closed has anything to do with health is “garbage … this is grubby, rotten politics.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced on Sunday pet grooming services would be able to operate, despite the fact that bars, restaurants, and private lawn mowing services could still not run.

“What health expert in the world is going to say that taking your dog to a salon where you’ve got multiple people working is more safe than having it done at your own home privately,” Mr Penman told Sky News Paul Murray. “Absolutely ludicrous.”

15 September, 2020

Andrews is responsible for the most savage devastation in the world

Sky News host Alan Jones says the “know-all dictator” Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, has overseen the most savage response in the world causing the most savage devastation, both financial and non-financial.

Mr Jones said his “heart bleeds” for Victorians as up to 1.3 million are expected to be on JobKeeper in the December quarter while contributing 723 of the country’s 816 deaths. The state is also under extreme stage four lockdowns, including a unprecedented curfew which is set to continue until at the very earliest October 26.

“He has been wrong on everything. Wrong on quarantine. Wrong on modelling. Wrong on lockdowns. Wrong on the response to the mess he created.

“This is the most savage response anywhere in the world and the most savage devastation, financial and non-financial. “He has been told the modelling was wrong, the curfew is wrong, the lockdown is wrong, children out of school is wrong, and Andrews takes no notice.”