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Below is a compilation of coverage of protests in Australia over the past week, focusing on vaccine mandates, continuing restrictions, particularly for those who are not double vaccinated, state border closures and difficulties with international travel, all marked by a new and savage authoritarianism.

The heavy manipulation of the public narrative and the algorithmic downplaying of these protests at the behest of government is doing more harm than good. Australia has never been so divided.


‘We Say No!’: Victorians continue the fight against pandemic bill

Real Rukshan

In Case You Missed It. A roundup of the week’s news.
Facebook feed. One hour 47 minutes.

Reignite Democracy Australia

The most incredible show of solidarity and commitment to freedom was demonstrated all throughout Australia this weekend, with marches and rallies taking place across the country.

From Tasmania right through to Darwin, we stood as one and said no to medical tyranny and segregation. We have posted all about it on our Reignite Democracy Australia Telegram channel and encourage you to head over there and follow the page for censorship-free updates.

RDA Telegram channel 

Reclaim the Line – National Education United

Telegram channel for Reclaim the Line: https://t.me/ReclaimTheLine

Telegram channel for National Education United: https://t.me/NationalEducationUnited

Tweed Heads, NSW
#ReclaimTheLine: Instagram: @reclaimtheline
https://www.instagram.com/reclaimtheline/ https://t.me/ReclaimTheLine

Melbourne Ground

True Arrow

Rebel News: Arguably Australia’s Most Controversial News Site

Western Australian state border shut until February 2022
Western Australian state border shut until February 2022
New Earth café in Coolum Beach, Queensland harrased by police 12 times and counting



In America vaccine mandates are causing “chaos across the country”, Senator says.

From the Netherlands:

Across the ditch continuing restrictions, vaccine mandates and the banning of protests are also creating significant problems, as this piece by two professors of law at the University of Waikato illustrates.