By Paul Collits. Illustrated by Michael Fitzjames.

The NSW Government has released its “roadmap” out of the Covid “crisis”.  A crisis it and other Australian governments have created.  A crisis in no one else’s eyes.  Oh, yes, we-the-hypnotised have bought it, lock, stock and both jabs.

Alas, it is a roadmap without a compass.  Certainly not a moral compass.  It is a roadmap built on lies, frequently told, propagated by the corporate media and, alas, believed by many.  Not believed by all, mind.

Here are the headlines, as reported in the Bill Gates’ funded Guardian:

  • Once New South Wales reaches 70% of over 16s double dose vaccinated next month, fully vaccinated people will be able to visit family and friends, dine out, go to the hairdresser, gym or football as well as travel.
  • People’s vaccination status will be included in the state’s QR code check-in app.

Nothing we didn’t already know, or expect.  Punitive rather than freedom-enhancing.  Yet more rules.  In fact, if you go to the official Government website, the first line you will read from this freedom-loving Liberal bunch is “learn about the rules and restrictions in New South Wales”.  Yes, our path to freedom.

The roadmap has all the hallmarks of modern government.  Full of jargon, buzzwords, bureaucratese, complexity.  Things that will get us past the press conference and will not be questioned by the official Covid family of New South Wales.  

And quite sinister:

  • You must have proof of your vaccination with you at all times.
  • You must show a Police Officer your proof of vaccination if it is requested. 

The coming to the Premier State of the “papers, please” dictatorship.  Here is the Premier:

If you want to go and buy something which is regarded as a non-essential shop, you will put up the QR code and if it is not a green light saying you have been vaccinated, you won’t be welcome inside.

And this is touted as the path to freedom.  Keep on remembering, this is a liberal government.  Keep saying it, over and over.  What about the freedom-fighting businesses which have formed a Facebook group 140,000 strong who wish to welcome everyone? 

The Deputy Premier’s response:

Business owners will face ‘significant fines’ if they serve unvaccinated customers or employ people who aren’t double jabbed.

No, we cannot have that.  

When the idiot NSW Government discovers that this edict will simply put hundreds of thousands of firms in regional New South Wales out of business in an instant – the ones that lockdowns haven’t already destroyed – the retribution for the Nationals will be swift come 2023, and hopefully final, as voters look to political parties and leaders that still understand what makes us Australians.  The lot in power now have clearly forgotten this.

And, for the vaccinated, surely the Roadmap is an utter fizzer.  One of the new “freedoms” is as follows:

Up to five visitors will be allowed in a home where all adults are vaccinated (not including children 12 and under).

Wow!  Get me to the vaccinator!  Even more freedoms after 80 per cent!

By the way, under this rule the vaccinated would not be permitted to visit the unvaccinated (and for many this would include members of their extended family and close friends).  What exactly, then, is the benefit of the jab for the vaccinated?     

I wonder, too, who is going to police this one.  Even the curtain-twitchers next door won’t know if all the visitors have had their shots.  

So, once the unvaccinated lepers are cordoned off from respectable society, the vaccinated will be able to go out to still-limited gatherings with their own, as they wait for the next inevitable lockdown, mask mandate, quarantine and border closure when those with mindless faith in the efficacy of the jab eventually realise that vaccines will not stop the spread of Covid and all the nightmare restrictions outbreaks bring with them.  I hope their consciences wake up some time soon, along with their critical thinking skills.  Oh, and with still around 44 per cent only of New South Welshmen vaccinated (the figure for Australia is around 40 per cent), Magic Monday for the virtuous is still a long, long way off.  I have my doubts it will ever be reached.  And when it is, if it is, we know that the premiers will shift the goalposts yet again, while our Prime Minister watches on, limply, from the sidelines.  The Eunuch of Canberra.

As the NSW Government says:

The roadmap is subject to further fine-tuning and health advice if circumstances change drastically or if cases within a designated area remain too high.

So, a roadmap that is already, almost certainly, tomorrow’s fish and chips wrapper.  For those who can even remember what it is like to sit on a beach with fish and chips…

A few mayors on the north coast made enough noise to get us up here out of lockdown.  Disappointingly, however, these people are operating in the weeds.  Playing the local political games.  Standing up for their regions.  No one is taking on the Covid State.  Yes, the regional lockdowns were absurd in regions with no cases.  Oh, wait on, there was a “case” in Casino.  By case, I mean someone who tested positive to a corrupted, useless, not-fit-for-purpose PCR test.  He then travelled back to Sydney, and, lo and behold, tested negative.  These are games that distract the poor old low-information punters from the bigger truths, and bigger lies upon which the whole charade is based.

The roadmap now reveals some of the vaccine apartheid measures that have been concealed from the public.  The Prime Minister – remember him? – has chimed in with a proposed scheme of “certificates of vaccination”.  Vaccine passports, Prime Minister?  Heavens no, “I wouldn’t call them that”.  The man must be chafing between the legs from walking both sides of the barbed wire fence, to recall a favourite phrase of Sir Joh’s.

These Liberal Party heroes have played us for mugs, and are now showing their true colours.  They could not give a rat’s about freedom and individual rights.  For a year or so, they and their defenders in the Murdoch media have kept the focus on wicked Daniel Andrews, confident that their supine believers would continue to cheer “hear hear”.  Daniel Andrews is what he is.  A Beijing asset.  We all know this.  But, frankly, Madam Premier of New South Wales, I have never cared much for Victoria and certainly do not now.  Daniel Andrews is not threatening my very purpose for living.  You are, Madam Premier.

There is no parliament any more in New South Wales.  Not safe, apparently.  So, petitions mean nothing.  Parliamentary numbers mean nothing.  Private member’s bills mean nothing.  

The roadmap promises to give back to some of the people of New South Wales rights that we never, ever surrendered.  The spinster Premier took them from us.  Without our permission.  On questionable constitutional grounds.  On the lie that we are in a “crisis”.  We are not.

Which brings us to Kerry Chant.  The girl from Punchbowl made good.  Chant’s slip of the tongue in her press conference – we are now in the New World Order, New South Wales, with no rights for the unvaccinated – has travelled around the world.  I await the Premier’s statement that the Chief Health Officer was out of line.

Opponents of the New South Wales New World Order, like the estimable Mark Latham, have so far confined their opposition to mockery of the Government.  The targets are rich, certainly.  Latham refers to them as keystone cops.  The mockery hits its targets, and certainly makes supporters of One Nation and opponents of the Covid policy dictatorship laugh in unison.  But what impact does mockery have on decision makers?

There are others in the fight who have their own approaches.

Tanya Davies has been very solid, but has confined her questioning of her Government’s fascist agenda largely to antigen tests and no jab-no job policies in Western Sydney.  Her critique of the whole false and evil basis of the policy direction of her own Government has been principled, but subdued.  As with abortion, she knows her political limits.  Fred Nile MLC – now destined to be around till the next election following his unfortunate decision to cast Lyle Shelton adrift – has been vigorous in his attacks on Covid policies, from a Christian perspective.  Craig Kelly and George Christensen are freedom-fighters, both.

Yet, we still await the fact-based, follow-the-science, relentless BOOM attack from those in whom we have high hopes of deliverance.  There is nothing more calculated, even for those who have retreated to a bubble with little capacity for the penetration of rational thinking from outside, than a sustained stream of evidence that shows them to be willfully wrong.

How about these facts, for starters?  

Lockdowns are shown to have made no difference globally to a country’s Covid experience.  Neither do masks.  Vaccines do not work.  They do not stop transmission.  They do not stop you getting infected.  Vaccines cause harm, under-reported but fact. Vaccines themselves have caused considerable numbers of deaths. Vaccines are not needed, since there are treatments available that actually address the symptoms, and most people will not need them to survive the virus.  They are not needed for over 99 per cent of those who get Covid but recover.  For these, the vaccine is a placebo.  Natural immunity easily beats vaccines as a form of protection against Covid.  The CEO of Pfizer has admitted that vaccines on their own are not sufficient to defeat the virus.  The international evidence confirms all this.  From Israel to the United Kingdom to the United States, those with eyes, critical skills and a commitment to “the science” can see that the whole false binary of lockdowns versus vaccines is a myth.  The NSW push towards vaccine dictatorship is built on sand.  These are facts.  The rest of the world knows these things.  We here in clueless Australia allow our governments to treat the unvaccinated like lepers.  

And we think that this is a “roadmap” to “freedom”.

There are those who have chosen to sit out the lockdown/vaccines debate, to not use their hard and soft power to save our freedom.  These might be termed the Vichy collaborators.  Truly, is there a lower form of political life than those who should be compared to Marshal Philippe Petain’s French traitors?  The two candidates that most come to mind at this lowest moment in our history are Chris Minns and Dominic Perrottet.  

A headline in The Daily Vaccinator (Telegraph) this week screamed “freedom” in reference to the NSW Treasurer’s answering of questions from Telegraph readers to the Government he (presumably) still seeks to lead.  Well, all I can think to say (that is printable) is, your definition of freedom, Dom (and the Daily Telegraph’s), differs markedly from mine.

Some years ago, Perrottet gave a speech hailed as the words of the Liberals’ great next hope, a “rising talent”.  In fact, he has given any number of speeches to the great and the good of Sydney’s right-of-centre establishment, and they have lapped it up. Sadly, Perrottet has not matched his own words about the importance of freedom.  Here he is this week:

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the easing of restrictions would come as a huge relief to struggling businesses and workers, who just want to get their lives back on track, safely. 

“This roadmap gives us the light at the end of the tunnel we all want and will enable our economy to start firing again, driving our state back to prosperity,” Mr Perrottet said. 

A huge relief?  Only if you are vaccinated.  Many, of course, of Mr Perrottet’s comrades in Opus Dei might have something to say about being forced to accept vaccines containing aborted foetus material, in order to put food on the table for their mostly very large families with one breadwinner.  Moral compass to go with your roadmap, Mr Treasurer?

As Deputy Leader of the NSW Liberal Party, he bears massive responsibility for what has occurred.  He should have resigned long ago.  I guess leading the NSW Liberal Party means more to him than the freedom, rights, jobs, wealth and mental health of the people of the State.

What of collaborator Minns?  Was it worth our while his recent undermining, then rolling, of Jodi McKay, who at least had seemed to display some semblance of humanity?  Here is Minns last week in the Silly Moaning Hilmer:

Vaccine passports are our safe passage to normal life. Ignore your MPs’ backlash, Premier.

What a disgrace, for a Labor man to have simply consigned his own working people, the people from struggle street, who don’t wish to be forced to have a State injectible known to be massively more likely to cause harm to you than flu vaccines, known to have used aborted foetus material, and known not to stop you from getting and passing on Covid, to the employment dustbin.  Tanya Davies’ heart-rending stories from thousands of teachers, health workers, early childhood workers and police – yes, police – who have shared with her their torment, burdens, struggles at their pending unemployment should be on Minns’ conscience every single moment.  Davies cited stories of children being bullied for their parents’ decision not to be forcibly vaccinated. 

This age is a disgrace to our nation.  We will remember the Vichy politicians of our own country.  Our views of the political class, bar honourable exceptions that you can literally count on one hand, will never, ever be the same.  Our hatred of the political class, especially those who go along to get along, is already palpable, growing and it will last forever.

Gladys’s bet that we will continue to be idiots is working out.  By all means she should stop her daily press conferences.  They are a total waste of time, indeed, they are worse than this.  Journalists like the normally perceptive Yoni Bashan do not get it:

Ms Berejiklian’s daily press briefings have offered one of the only remaining checks on power during this lockdown, at a time when residents have ceded unprecedented control to her government and endured the ignominy of curfews and other restrictions.

What is this man smoking?  Gladys’s press conferences consist of gibberish and reveal nothing, ever.  She is never, ever asked hard questions, as James Allan has recently noted in The Spectator.  She and her “New World Order” girl from Punchbowl spout rubbish every single day, as a deliberate act of generating fear and keeping the whole Covid charade on the boil, with her rubbishy case numbers.  Day after day, she has been able to pull the wool over our eyes, and worse.

No, Yoni, she should never have started them.  She has assumed that the media will not wise up.  She was right.  They haven’t.  They do not provide a check on her power.  They might have if Vichy journalists had not joined the throng to consign our freedoms to the plughole.  How about Yoni does a piece on the role of the media – including his very own Murdoch-Gates-Vaccines Industrial Complex – in destroying our country?

This Government, the Government with the Roadmap, presides over the time when our country lost hope.  Indeed, they have engineered it.

Illustrator: Michael Fitzjames

Michael Fitzjames worked as an illustrator for The Guardian newspaper in London from 1978 to 1980, The Sydney Morning Herald from 1990 to 2000, and The Australian Financial Review from 2000 to 2012. His work is held in many significant institutions including the State Library of New South Wales, State Library of Victoria and the Australian War Memorial.

Author: Paul Collits

Paul Collits is an Australian freelance writer and independent researcher. He publishes widely across a number of Australia’s leading publications and has been one of the country’s single most cogent commentators throughout the Covid era. He has worked in government, industry and the university sector, and has taught at tertiary level in three different disciplines – politics, geography and planning and business studies. A collection of his writing published in A Sense of Place Magazine can be found here. He posts regularly at The Freedoms Project here