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Convoy to Canberra One Year On

TOTT News Inspired by dramatic scenes of truckie protests in Canada, where the Prime Minster has been forced into hiding after a large convoy crossed the country, gaining worldwide attention, Australians have joined the movement and are descending upon nation’s… Continue Reading →

The Meek Will Inherit The Earth: Inside Australia’s Camp Freedom

By John Stapleton. Photography by John Napper. With numbers now in their tens of thousands at the rallying point for Convoy to Canberra, the atmosphere at the heart of Australia’s Camp Freedom is both chaotic and glorious, jubilant, exultant. And… Continue Reading →

Another Court Challenge Against Vaccine Mandates Fails: Day Ten of the Canberra Convoy.

Featuring the Photography of John Napper. Another in a queue of court cases against vaccine mandates has failed; leading critics to emphasise the urgent need for an Australian Bill of Rights. Here renowned Australian photographer John Napper, who is presently… Continue Reading →

Canberra Explodes: Australia’s National Capital Transformed

Sources: Various. Days of protest are marching towards a resolution. So here are the scattered notes from multiple sources; as the river of this history changes all our lives. And transforms the nature of the polity. They tried to crush… Continue Reading →

Notes from the Frontline: Australia’s Capital Under Siege

Fortune favours the brave.  The scale of the catastrophe that is enveloping Australia, that is the most staggering thing about this period of history. The psychopathic lack of empathy by the perpetrators. The dismal state of the nation.  The Prime Minister… Continue Reading →

Canberra: Police Move In. The Crucible of Change.

TOTT News. Police forces descended upon the #ConvoyToCanberra campsite early this morning, telling the protesters to move on or risk having their possessions seized. The latest developments from Canberra. Protesters who police say have been ‘illegally camping’ in the Parliamentary Triangle… Continue Reading →

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