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Pfizer in the Australian Parliament: Senator Pauline Hanson. The Best of the Transcripts.

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA SENATE EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT LEGISLATION COMMITTEE These hearings have been the subject of worldwide news and and so we bring you these edited highlights. For those who have followed it, they mark an historic turning point in… Continue Reading →

Queensland’s Police Commissioner Under Fire Over Vaccine Mandates

By Sonia Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carrol has come under fire in the Supreme Court over her directive last year compelling officers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to keep their jobs A number of Queensland… Continue Reading →

Indian Supreme Court Rules Vaccine Mandates Unlawful as Courts Around the World Push Back Against Pandemic State Overreach

By Professor Ramesh Thakur: Australian National University. It’s been over two years since waves of ever tightening restrictions, including wholesale house arrests, began to be placed on healthy citizens who had committed no crime. One by one, the world’s democracies… Continue Reading →

The Ugly Truth Of Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

Susan Pavan: i3 Publications. “You are free (in Australia) until you say no to the vaccine…” Pat, former nurse, 65, Victoria. March 2, 2022, Sydney, Australia. Rain pelted on the concrete city pavements and the wind whipped the blocked-off streets guarded… Continue Reading →

Jab Mandates Are Both Unethical and Fail the Cost/Benefit Test

By Michael Tomlinson: Brownstone Institute. Featured Artwork by John Prince Siddon. During my weekend shopping in Melbourne, Australia, I was turned away from my favourite café and not allowed to sit even at an outside table by order of my… Continue Reading →

Workers Push Back Against Covid-19 Vaccination Mandates

By Sonia Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog The mandating of highly controversial vaccines, that is forcing a medical procedure onto an often reluctant populace, is creating havoc all around the world. No more so than in Australia, where this month… Continue Reading →

Mandates Provoke Protests Worldwide

By John Stapleton While the heavily manipulated mainstream media has been filled wall to wall with climate alarmism, out in the real world thousands of Australians are being forced to leave their jobs in tears because they refuse to have… Continue Reading →

Medical Apartheid: Australia Leads The World In Discrimination Against Its Own Citizens

By the New South Wales Government. Australia is already the laughing stock of the world for its absurd mishandling of the Covid panic and the extreme authoritarianism which has overtaken the country, including the most violent scenes ever witnessed on… Continue Reading →

‘Freedom Day’ for Some, Discrimination Day for Others

By Sonia Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. Welcome to ‘Freedom Day’, Monday 11th October. It’s the day for which many residents of Greater Sydney have been waiting for more than 15 weeks – 107 days to be precise. Non-essential businesses… Continue Reading →

Vaccine Mandates: Appeal Against Fair Work Commission

By Sonia Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. Last week, a full three member bench of the Fair Work Commission refused former aged-care facility receptionist, Jennifer Kimber’s, application to appeal a single member decision in April 2021 which found she had not been unfairly dismissed… Continue Reading →

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