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SOS: Australia to the World

As Australia disintegrates before our eyes, one extraordinary event follows another with extreme rapidity. What was once a slow motion train wreck is now a collision with destiny at lightning speed. Australia has become an international pariah for its absurd… Continue Reading →

Mounting Protest: Australia’s Real Rukshan

The Digital Realm Outflanks the Official Narrative The breakup of Australia and the breakdown of Australian society is also transforming the media landscape. One figure, the Real Rukshan, has captured a significant following, and even plaudits from some of the… Continue Reading →

Australian Protests Ground Zero: Melbourne and the Rise of Citizen Journalists

The abject failure of the mainstream media to do anything but parrot the destructive alarmism and propaganda of government over the past twenty months means that much of the population has turned off mainstream media. The failures of legacy media… Continue Reading →

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