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Sound Clown: The Music of Ian Purdie

Amazing to me, now that I’m old, is that for such an impatient person I was able to devote the thousands of hours to playing guitar that it takes to become competent on the instrument. It seemed when I was… Continue Reading →

There’s Nobody On Earth Like Kyo York! Vietnam’s Only European Superstar.

By Ian Purdie In March 2011, a 26-year-old American was sitting in the audience at the International University of Hanoi, Vietnam with thousands of Vietnamese college students. They were all enjoying a televised live concert when Tran Minh Tuan, a… Continue Reading →

G, O and D

By Ian Purdie The library stood five stories tall, Looking up from its entrance the children felt small, Inside they could smell all the musty old books, And feel the silence enforced by harsh looks, Off to one side were… Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Saigon: The Best Of 2020.

By Ian Purdie Saigon police have launched a major campaign against foreign motorbike riders in an attempt to curb the nation’s shocking road toll. Young, ill-prepared tourists often rent motorbikes and head off into Saigon’s daunting traffic. For two weeks… Continue Reading →

The Sixth Age of the Sun

By Ian Purdie According to the ancient Mayan calendar, the fifth age of the sun ended on 21st December 2012. So did the calendar itself. Up until then the Mayans had plotted complex cycles of days that appear to bear… Continue Reading →


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What could possibly be funny about two Tibetan boys climbing a mountain behind their village and finding a very strange object? Would any sane person laugh when the object turned out to be a time capsule created by an advanced civilisation over 300,000 years ago? And what about when the time capsule produces a hologram showing an enlightened society built on the principle of empowerment, a society which managed to destroy itself? Fantasy, the fantastical and the all too true combine in this romp through the ages.

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