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The Daily Dance of Flowers Tracking the Sun

By Gregory Moore, University of Melbourne. When I was a child, I was intrigued by the Queensland box (Lophostemon confertus) growing in our backyard. I noticed its leaves hung vertical after lunch in summer, and were more or less horizontal… Continue Reading →

Resurrection Ferns And Their Discovery In Australia

By Gregory Moore, The University of Melbourne One afternoon in the late 1970s, my colleague and fellow student Helen Quirk handed me a brown, shrivelled fern frond. It appeared to be dead, and was so dry that when I crushed… Continue Reading →

Tree Ferns Are Older Than Dinosaurs

By Gregory Moore from the University of Melbourne With massive fronds creating a luxuriously green canopy in the understory of Australian forests, tree ferns are a familiar sight on many long drives or bushwalks. But how much do you really… Continue Reading →

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