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Israel’s bombardment of Palestinians: is Australia complicit in War Crimes?

By Greg Barns: Michael West Media Israel has killed more than 7000 Palestinians since the brutal Hamas attacks of October 7 sparked the war on Gaza. Human rights lawyer Greg Barns SC examines Australia’s complicity in war crimes. That Israel and Hamas… Continue Reading →

For Washington, the US-Australia Alliance Counts for Less than Nothing

By Greg Barns: Pearls and Irritations Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will have plenty to talk about when he meets with US President Joe Biden this week. The Middle East, China, AUKUS and submarines will no doubt dominate the agenda. But… Continue Reading →

The Best of 2022. Kill off Australia’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal, it’s stacked with Political Appointees and is no longer credible

Greg Barns: Michael West Media. Just before ousted Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the election, his Attorney-General Michaelia Cash stacked the Administrative Appeals Tribunal with a host of Liberal Party mates. Political appointments are out of control and the AAT… Continue Reading →

US Continues Pursuit of Assange, and Australia Neglects its Moral Obligation to Protect Him

By Greg Barns: Pearls and Irritations This week Australian citizen Julian Assange’s long running battle against extradition to the United States where he faces espionage legislation charges relating to his publication in 2010 of material that revealed war crimes by… Continue Reading →

Human Rights Violations now Enshrined in Legislation – in Australia

By Greg Barns: Michael West Media. The Morrison government, supported by the ALP, has passed a law that allows for security agencies, on the most flimsy of pretexts, to access and manipulate the electronic data of any citizen. It continues… Continue Reading →

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