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Grafton: Australia Lost.

Text by John Stapleton. Photography by Dean Sewell. Perpetrator of the Christchurch massacre Brenton Tarrant, 29, was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole on 51 charges of murder, 40 charges of attempted murder and a charge of committing… Continue Reading →

The Best of 2022: With its Dismal History in Iraq, Australia Cannot take the High Moral Ground on Ukraine

The Great City: Extract from Dark Dark Policing by John Stapleton. From Malcolm Turnbull’s first day as Prime Minister in 2015, the bombings on Iraq increased. That is, he was responsible  for killing more Muslims than any other Prime Minister… Continue Reading →

How It All Ends: Extract from Australia Breaks Apart

By John Stapleton. The Long Read. This is Chapter Two, How It All Ends, of the upcoming book Australia Breaks Apart, the sequel to Unfolding Catastrophe Australia. The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Unfolding Nightmare: How It All Ends Part III

Oak Flats is a working class suburb south of Wollongong on Australia’s east coast. Its demographic of tradies, electricians, plumbers, tilers, truck drivers, school teachers and nurses do not like or trust the nation’s politicians and to a man and… Continue Reading →

Scott Morrison Leaves Australia In Flames

An Extract from Dark Dark Policing. Featuring the Photography of Dean Sewell. There is an encyclopedic array of scandals swarming around Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, with journalists already forming a queue to label this the most corrupt government in… Continue Reading →

Morrison Government Wreathed in Scandal: The Best of 2020.

Extract from Dark Dark Policing The sorry Covid-19 saga says a lot about Australia and the churn at the top of the pile, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison. None of it complimentary. We have seen in the past few days… Continue Reading →

Betrayal of the People: Australia’s Political Class Spirals into Chaos: The Best of 2020

By John Stapleton Desperate to distract attention from his spectacular mismanagement of the Covid crisis, the destruction of the national economy and the devastation his idiotic policies have wrecked on the lives of millions of people, this week Australian Prime… Continue Reading →

Betrayal of the People

Extract from Dark Dark Policing Everyone felt like a stranger now. The announcement came, the legendary Kidman properties, spanning three states and the Northern Territory, reportedly some 2.6 per cent of the nation’s land area, 101,000 square kilometres, was being sold… Continue Reading →

The Square and the Tower: How Did It Get This Bad?

The lockdown of Australia continues apace. A man has been fined $1600 for driving to a park near his house with the intention of going for a bike ride. Breaching no distancing rules, he apparently had no good excuse for… Continue Reading →

How To Destroy A Nation

The Failure of Australian Governance All politics is local. An adage Australia’s inept government forgot long ago. It is what is happening in people’s lounge rooms that matters the most. Now almost everyone is hunkered down in their own lounge… Continue Reading →

Welcomed Everywhere: Until He Wasn’t

Malcolm Turnbull: A Bigger Picture This is an extract from the upcoming book Dark Dark Policing, by veteran Australian journalist John Stapleton. The book will be published next month. They weren’t so wrong, those who had painted the world as… Continue Reading →

Mosul: The Great City

Malcolm Turnbull and Australia’s Bombs FROM Malcolm Turnbull’s first day as Prime Minister in 2015 the bombings on Iraq increased. That is, not to put too fine a point on things, he was responsible for killing more Muslims than any… Continue Reading →

The Intoxicating Fall of Malcolm Turnbull

A Shakespearean tragedy played out in the Antipodes EVERY DOG has its day. And the most disappointing Prime Minister in Australian history certainly had his. The intoxicating fall of Malcolm Turnbull was a transfixing, delightful spectacle; a Shakespearean tragedy played… Continue Reading →

And Then There Were The Spooks: Dark Dark Policing

THE CAR ROSE SLOWLY from the fetid plains. For days, in tormented dreams, he had been a soldier going around a battlefield killing the wounded, firing shot after shot after shot. Most of the victims were already dead and his… Continue Reading →

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