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The Sad and Brutal Final Hours of Camp Freedom and the Convoy to Canberra

What had been a remarkably successful policing operation, handling the one million protestors who showed up in Canberra to protest two years of government overreach during the Covid era, turned sour in the final hours. Until that point there had… Continue Reading →

The Spirit Rises: The Photography of John Napper Inside Australia’s Protests

While mainstream journalists around the country continue to ignore the biggest story of their lifetimes, Australia’s independent media is on fire. Thousands of people from all around Australia are converging on Canberra as part of the Canberra Convoy protests. The… Continue Reading →

Notes from the Frontline: Australia’s Capital Under Siege

Fortune favours the brave.  The scale of the catastrophe that is enveloping Australia, that is the most staggering thing about this period of history. The psychopathic lack of empathy by the perpetrators. The dismal state of the nation.  The Prime Minister… Continue Reading →

The Right to Protest Has Been Restored: And Protestors have travelled from all over Australia to surround the National Parliament

Compiled by John Stapleton. With Joel Gilmour. The mainstream media has utterly disgraced itself over the past two years; allowing itself to be manipulated or bludgeoned by government into being propaganda cyphers and willing puppets for the authoritarian derangement which… Continue Reading →

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