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Report finds Major Stadiums in Australia are using Facial Recognition

TOTT NEWS Heading out to the Melbourne Cricket Ground any time soon? What about Sydney’s Allianz Stadium? If so, you can expect to be captured by facial recognition technology in use at each of these venues. Sensitive biometric data is… Continue Reading →

Australia Unveils National COVID-19 Genomics Surveillance Platform: The Merging of Genomic Analysis and Government Data Monitoring.

TOTT News Researchers have unveiled a nationalised genomics surveillance platform that will enable real-time sharing, analysis and reporting of COVID-19 pathogen genomic data. Australian researchers have unveiled a nationalised genomics surveillance platform that will enable real-time sharing, analysis and reporting of… Continue Reading →

Why Are Australian Governments Constructing the Surveillance State? The Best of 2021.

By Paul Gregoire with Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. Originally Published 4 January, 2021. Peter Dutton saw his ASIO Bill passed on the last parliamentary sitting day for 2020. The home affairs minister most likely had a rare smile upon his face whilst… Continue Reading →

Surveillance State Grows Under the Cover of COVID

By Sonia Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog Just quietly over the past couple of months, with the rest of Australia conveniently distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government has introduced draft legislation with a view to creating what it… Continue Reading →

Australia’s New Surveillance Laws Remind Me of Saudi Arabia

By Manal Al-Sharif: Michael West Media. “I left Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most oppressive regimes. But the Australian Government’s recent draconian rules remind me so much of home.” Cyber security expert and human rights luminary Manal Al-Sharif reports… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Expands Power of the State

Australia’s Uber Surveillance Just Got Worse New reports have revealed authorities are incorporating smart phone tracking as a means to monitor and control COVID-19 ‘clusters’ in various locations. Agencies are requesting metadata reports from telecommunications giants, leading to growing concerns that… Continue Reading →

And Then There Were The Spooks: Dark Dark Policing

THE CAR ROSE SLOWLY from the fetid plains. For days, in tormented dreams, he had been a soldier going around a battlefield killing the wounded, firing shot after shot after shot. Most of the victims were already dead and his… Continue Reading →

Australia now a Surveillance State with Journalists as POIs under ASIO Act

Will future historians see the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison era as the period of governance when totalitarian instincts were unleashed? The targeting of journalists is just the beginning of a much greater disaster, writes journalist and author, John Stapleton. Australia’s #RighttoKnow movement barely touches… Continue Reading →

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