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The Voice!! What Voice Did They Have?? Extract. Out This Month.

The Indigenous Voice to Parliament aka The Voice is the proposed new advisory group containing separately elected Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, perpetually enshrined in the Constitution of Australia, which would “have a responsibility and right to advise the Australian Parliament and Government on national matters of… Continue Reading →

Singing the Blues: More Whale songs detected during La Niña years

Ben Knight: University of New South Wales Newsroom Almost two decades of whale recordings suggest the movements of the pygmy blue whale are affected by climate cycles. You might think it’d be easy to track an animal as large as… Continue Reading →

Pick of the Crop: Our Best Stories for April, 2023

Killing Bees: Destroying Australia’s Food Chain

By Nick Thompson The heartfelt outrage of a young Australian bee keeper James Evans and passionate attempts to warn the public about what has occurred on his family’s New South Wales farm, Vast Harvest Permaculture, has gone viral. James has… Continue Reading →

Are black holes time machines? Yes, but there’s a catch

Sam Baron, Australian Catholic University Black holes form natural time machines that allow travel to both the past and the future. But don’t expect to be heading back to visit the dinosaurs any time soon. At present, we don’t have… Continue Reading →

US Moral Authority is Dead and Buried

Caitlin Johnstone Seven progressive Democrats from the House of Representatives have signed a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland calling for the Biden administration to drop the charges against Julian Assange and cease seeking his extradition. It’s a good letter as far… Continue Reading →

Bill Gates held private dinner with billionaires while in Sydney

TOTT NEWS The truly bizarre visit of Bill Gates to Australia in early 2023 raised many eyebrows. Just after making half a billion US dollars selling stock in BioNTech, his admission while in Australia that the vaccines which he so… Continue Reading →

Back in the News. Evil Conjectures: The Australian Doctor Accused of Murdering His Mother.

A Sense of Place Publishing’s author Dr Stephen Edwards is once again front page news in his home state of Tasmania. Arguably as a result of the widespread publicity surrounding our publication of his moving book Evil Conjectures, which delves… Continue Reading →

Vale John Tranter: Australian Poet, Editor, Publisher and Anthologist

Aidan Coleman, Southern Cross University Perhaps more than any Australian poet of the 20th Century, John Tranter, who died last Friday at the age of 79, was guided by a relentless desire to experiment. His earliest admiration was for the… Continue Reading →

Tucker Carlson Sacked From Fox

By Paul Collits On a day when we remember fallen heroes who gave their lives in useless wars, and still do, we have the news of an apparently “fallen” American hero.  One who is, decidedly, not fighting in a useless… Continue Reading →

Vale Barry Humphries

Anne Pender, University of Adelaide. Barry Humphries began his career as a Dadaist. His street performances around Melbourne in the early 1950s foreshadowed performance art in Australia. He was the most daring student prankster Melbourne University had ever known. Years… Continue Reading →

The Depopulation Bomb

By Paul Collits The depopulation agenda has been embraced enthusiastically by modern man, aided by cheap, readily available birth control technology and its accompanying mindset.  Wise thinkers from GK Chesterton to Mark Steyn (in America Alone and After America) have long seen the… Continue Reading →

The ANZAC Day Plot

Extract from Terror in Australia: Workers’ Paradise Lost. Tuesday 25 April, 2023 is Anzac Day in Australia. Australian governments had always appealed to nationalism in their aggressive drives to recruit young men to war. World War One posters included: “Under… Continue Reading →

Destroying Australia One Platitude at a Time: Wokeism is Marxism

By Geoffrey Greene Australians find themselves today at a crossroad with our future way of life in the balance. Wokeism has become an insidious, overarching and debilitating weight denyingeach of us our ability to think freely, act freely and to… Continue Reading →

AI: The Future is Already Here

By Nick Thompson What if all this AI talk is a Psyop because AI has already been intercepting people’s communications? What if it can already not just read and understand people’s Direct Messaging and private communications, but then can mimic… Continue Reading →

Elon Musk and the BBC: Fallout

Every working journalist knows the feeling of being woefully under-prepared for an assignment; all that you know about the high flying business person, actor, author, academic or artist is the press release you’ve read in the taxi on the way… Continue Reading →

A newly uncovered ancient Roman Winery featured Marble Tiling, Fountains of Grape Juice and an Extreme Sense of Luxury

Emlyn Dodd, Macquarie University Recent excavations at the Villa of the Quintilii uncovered the remains of a unique winery just outside Rome. The mid-third-century CE building located along the Via Appia Antica portrays a sense of opulence and performance almost… Continue Reading →

The Pfizer Papers: BioNTech Downplayed Harm of Lipid Nanoparticles

T. J. Coles: TOTT NEWS Genetically-modified mRNA lipid nanoparticles were injected into billions of people even while the biodistribution and pharmacokinetic effects remain unknown in humans. Pfizer’s partner, the German company BioNTech, published an internal 2,237-page report on its animal experiments. The… Continue Reading →

A ‘Hybrid’ Solar Eclipse attracting Astronomers from around the world is about to be visible in Australia

Tanya Hill, Museums Victoria. On Thursday 20 April, the Ningaloo region of Western Australia will experience a total solar eclipse. Eclipse chasers from around the world are converging on the town of Exmouth in hopes of experiencing the profound awe… Continue Reading →

Vale Bruce Haigh

By Julian Cribb: Pearls and Irritations Bruce Haigh, who died on April 7, was a diplomat, an adventurer, an artist and writer, a humanist, a romantic and a man with a deep love of his country, who mourned its fading… Continue Reading →

Asking ChatGPT about Transhumanism and 2030

TOTT NEWS After a quick introduction letting the program know I wish to speak about transhumanism and the future, the following was asked: Q: How will we use technology to enhance our intelligence? A: From a transhumanist perspective, I think the answer… Continue Reading →

The Koala – When it’s Smart to be Slow. The Best of Our Archives.

Danielle Clode: Flinders University. The koala was clinging to an old tree stag while stranded in the Murray River, on the border between New South Wales and Victoria. A team of students from La Trobe University noticed its predicament as… Continue Reading →

Vale Australian Artist John Olsen

With Professor Ted Snell: University of Western Australia. One of the Australia’s best known artists passed away this week. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports: John Olsen, one of Australia’s most acclaimed artists who was known for his distinctive depictions of… Continue Reading →

Media Is to Blame for Covid Vaccines’ Wall of Infallibility

By Adam Creighton: Brownstone Institute. The dam wall has finally broken. In the US and Australia, the chapter of silence on reporting Covid-19 vaccine injuries appears to have slammed shut, due in no small part to Christine Middap’s excellent series… Continue Reading →

The Australian Government’s Assault on Decency in Family Law Takes Another Step Backwards

By Sue Price: Men’s Rights Agency. Censorship’s alive and well in Australia Recently, the Australian Labour Government announced an inquiry into their proposal that the Family Law act should be altered to remove Shared Parental Responsibility and interfere with the… Continue Reading →

Pause Giant Artificial Intelligence Experiments: An Open Letter

Future of Life Institute. AI systems with human-competitive intelligence can pose profound risks to society and humanity, as shown by extensive research and acknowledged by top AI labs. As stated in the widely-endorsed Asilomar AI Principles, Advanced AI could represent a profound… Continue Reading →

Calls to regulate AI are growing louder. But how exactly do you regulate a technology like this?

Stan Karanasios, The University of Queensland; Olga Kokshagina, EDHEC Business School, and Pauline C. Reinecke, University of Hamburg. Last week, artificial intelligence pioneers and experts urged major AI labs to immediately pause the training of AI systems more powerful than… Continue Reading →

Unfolding Catastrophe: Australia. Extract. Part Three. The Biggest Mistake In History. The Best of Our Archives.

If the geniuses of Australian government weren’t satisfied with all the cautionary voices emerging from some of the world’s most venerable tertiary institutions, they only had to go as far as the Australian National University, to Professor Ramesh Thakur, whose… Continue Reading →

SOS Australia: Extract from Australia Breaks Apart. Out soon.

With Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia The first Saturday of that benighted summer demonstrations were held around the globe under the tagline SOS From Australia. In a powerful and well produced video Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia says:… Continue Reading →

Obituary: The Australian Liberal Party: 1944 to 2023

By John Stapleton. Illustrations by John Brack. This isn’t just a temporary setback, it’s an extermination. Australia’s conservatives are going through their worst period since the formation of the Liberal Party in 1944. Their rout at the May Federal election… Continue Reading →

Hypocrites in Power: Australian Government Happy to see their own citizen, Julian Assange, Die in an American Prison

Rex Patrick: Michael West Media. Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong has all but confirmed in Parliament the government is doing nothing to bring the world’s foremost political prisoner home. What’s the scam with “quiet diplomacy”? Despite claiming the government is… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Belt and Road Man in Beijing

TOTT NEWS In many ways Australia has already joined up with China’s Belt and Road Initiative. And the nation’s political class did not bother to inform the Australian public. Begun in 2013, the Belt and Road scheme had the goal… Continue Reading →

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