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The Australian Government’s Ceaseless Demonisation of Men

By Sue Price: Men’s Rights Agency. The more things change the more they stay the same. There’s an old saying: in times of crisis clichés come true. This country seems to have forgotten two time worn adages: There are two… Continue Reading →

Coercive Control: Imprisoned by Language

By Sue Price: Men’s Rights Agency. Illustrations from Artsper Magazine’s piece on The World’s Most Famous Street Art. Coercive Control: When this terminology first came into focus as the next label women were seeking to use to expand the meaning… Continue Reading →

Australian Government’s Blizzard of False Propaganda Over Domestic Violence

By Sue Price One thing can be totally assured: Despite the billions of dollars the Australian Government is throwing at domestic violence programmes, next year all the same bureaucrats and lobby groups will have their hands out for yet more… Continue Reading →

False Allegations: The Curse of Australia’s Men

By Sue Price Australia is now in the grip of a swarm of unsubstantiated allegations which have currently pushed aside both the Federal Defence Minister and the Attorney General, and in the last 24 hours the NSW government is also… Continue Reading →

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