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Australians Taxed into Servitude

By Robert Carling: Centre for Independent Studies As the end of the Australian financial year approaches, thoughts often turn to taxation and how to minimise it (legally). While the focus is on income tax paid to the federal government, the… Continue Reading →

Lockdowns Don’t Work And Australians Have Wearied

By Robert Carling and Simon Cowan: Centre for Independent Studies. In response to the emergence of the Delta variant, Australia’s experience of the coronavirus pandemic dramatically changed in June. Sydney ultimately endured 106 days of continuous lockdown while Victoria floated… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Lockdowns: Creating a Social and Economic Disaster

By Terrence O’Brien and Robert Carling. Centre for Independent Studies. Current policies against Covid are unsustainably costly to jobs and living standards. They produce downsides for other health outcomes, such that the net impact on health over time is becoming… Continue Reading →

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