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The Face Behind Australia’s Censorship Push

Rebekah Barnett and Andrew Lowenthal: Dystopian Down Under Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, has made international headlines over alleged censorship creep in an escalating standoff with social media platform X, owned by billionaire Elon Musk. Inman Grant’s current crusade… Continue Reading →

Covid vaccine mandates ruled ‘unlawful’ by an Australian Supreme Court under Human Rights Act

By Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under Covid vaccine mandates enforced on Queensland police and ambulance workers were declared ‘unlawful’ in a landmark Supreme Court ruling this week. In a decision handed down on Tuesday, Justice Glenn Martin found the Queensland Police Commissioner… Continue Reading →

How Big Pharma harnesses our Tax Money and News Media to Market their Drugs

Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under In most countries, Big Pharma is not allowed to advertise vaccines and prescription medicines direct to consumers, and advertising of over-the-counter medicines is tightly regulated.1 That’s not a problem for Pharma. There are plenty of… Continue Reading →

Voice Referendum Australia’s Brexit?

By Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under Elite left-wingers say racist voters are duped by misinformation, but the Taranto Principle suggests that, once again, it is the elites who are duped by the reverberations in their own echo chamber. Formulated by… Continue Reading →

YouTube Censors One of Australia’s Most Talented Young Journalists

By John Stapleton. With Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under. Rebekah Barnett reports from Western Australia. She holds a degree in Communications from the University of Western Australia and when it comes to a new generation of journalists born out of… Continue Reading →

Ding, Dong, Dan is Gone! Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews leaves a legacy of Brutality, Debt and Corruption

Rebekah Barnett: Dystopia Down Under Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, who imposed the world’s longest Covid lockdowns on his state, officially steps down from his position today. Andrews earned the nickname ‘Dictator Dan’ for his strongman style of leadership during the… Continue Reading →

‘Racist and stupid’: How to Lose an Australian Referendum

Rebekah Barnett: Dystopia Down Under This might be the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum’s ‘basket of deplorables’ moment. Hillary Clinton famously applied the slur to half of Donald Trump’s supporters, who she described as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic.” The… Continue Reading →

Misinformation Wars: The Flawed Research Driving Bad Policy

Rebekka Barnett: Dystopian Down Under Misinformation research is a joke, but not in the haha way. Today, I submitted my feedback to the Australian Government on the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023. If passed, the bill will… Continue Reading →

Covid Cover-up Front Page News, but Hardly Anyone Cares

By Rebekah Barnet: Dystopian Down Under Over the weekend, Australia’s legacy masthead, The Australian, ran the news of the proximal origins cover-up on the front page of both the paper and the pull-out magazine. In an article titled, ‘Covid cover-up:… Continue Reading →

Australian Government’s Misinformation Bill inconsistent with Human Rights

Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under “It’s inconsistent with human rights.” That’s how human rights lawyer Peter Fam describes the Australian Government’s proposed new legislation to combat mis- and disinformation. The bill outlines new powers that will allow the Australian Communications and… Continue Reading →

Australia on Dangerous Ground: New Misinformation Bill a Threat to Democracy

Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under. A contentious new bill to crack down on misinformation and disinformation has drawn criticism for its potential to restrict free expression and political dissent. Notably, the government will be exempt from the proposed laws. Censorship will be… Continue Reading →

Excess deaths Australia 2020-2023: Rebekah Barnett. Dystopian Down Under

Victoria is the biggest loser, modelling shrinks excess death rate by up to a third. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released an update this week, ‘Measuring Australia’s excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic until the first quarter 2023’. Excess… Continue Reading →

‘Quite horrendous’: Dr John Campbell on West Australian Vaccine Safety Data. The Greatest Medical Scandal in Australian History.

By Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under Dr John Campbell, retired nurse educator and Covid data YouTuber, features the West Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance 2021 report in a new video. “I was completely appalled by this report,” he says. Dr Campbell says… Continue Reading →

Tech giant Meta to ‘Safeguard’ Australian Referendum Integrity, Arbitrate Truth

By Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under Meta platforms are a primary source of news for most Australians. Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is the latest international mega-company to get involved in Australia’s upcoming referendum regarding an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, after Pfizer pledged its… Continue Reading →

YouTube Censors Australian Politician’s Maiden Speech to Parliament

By Rebekah Barnett: Brownstone Institute Thirty minutes of truth bombs is how one Twitter user described Liberal Democrat John Ruddick’s maiden speech to the New South Wales (NSW) Parliament, Wednesday 28 June.  Indeed, Ruddick, who left the Liberal Party in 2021 after… Continue Reading →

The Australian Government colluded with Big Tech to suppress speech on Covid

By Rebekah Barnett A Freedom of Information request by Senator Alex Antic has revealed that the Australian Department of Home Affairs made over 4,000 requests to digital platforms to take down content related to Covid. The FOI documents show that… Continue Reading →

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