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Senate misled: Watergate Deal Negotiated Directly with Swiss-based Cayman Islands Director

By Jommy Tee: Michael West Media. New documents show the government negotiated the controversial $80m Watergate deal directly with the Cayman Islands company founded by Energy Minister Angus Taylor. The Department failed to notify the Senate. Jommy Tee investigates the email trail… Continue Reading →

Where The Bloody Hell Is It? Did Scott Morrison Lie About the Report that Saved His Bacon at Tourism Australia? The Best Of 2020.

By Jommy Tee with Michael West Media Scott Morrison was sacked as managing director of Tourism Australia in 2006 with a year left to run on his contract. For 14 years the reason for the sacking has remained one of… Continue Reading →

Slush Funds: How the Australian Government Ramped up Grant Rorts

By Jommy Tee with Michael West Media They cut domestic violence funding and National Parks, froze Australia’s unemployed welfare payment known as Newstart, and consigned the most needy to cashless welfare cards while spraying unprecedented billions in “invitation only” grants — our taxpayer… Continue Reading →

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