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Trees, Whales, and Our Digital Future: George Dyson on Nature, Our Minds and Our Machines.

Maria Popova: The Marginalian. We at A Sense of Place Magazine are unabashed fans of New York based Bulgarian born polymath Maria Popova, whose transformative blog Brain Pickings entrances and challenges readers worldwide. Her first book, Figuring, is a fascinating… Continue Reading →

A Celebration of Genius: Maria Popova and Figuring.

Luminously intelligent, gifted with a great eye and a startling, incandescent love of beauty, the already celebrated Maria Popova has finally put out a book. Figuring, is now available. For twelve years now Popova’s weekly newsletter Brain Pickings has dazzled,… Continue Reading →

Fourteen Years of Brain Pickings

By Maria Popova Brain Pickings was born on October 23, 2006, as a short email to seven friends. Seven years and several incomprehensible million readers into its existence, I began what has since become an annual tradition — a distillation of the… Continue Reading →

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