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Fake news or no news? The folly of Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code

Kim Wingerei: Michael West Media Meta’s declaration that Facebook will no longer pay (some) Australian publishers for their news content has again highlighted the folly of the News Media Bargaining Code. It’s a poor solution to the wrong problem. Facebook’s… Continue Reading →

Australian Media reactions to Tucker Carlson vs Vladimir Putin

From Jorg Probst’s Think For Yourself Blog It was without a doubt the interview of the year. On 6 February 2024, US journalist Tucker Carlson talked with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Even more fascinating than the 2-hour conversation itself was how the… Continue Reading →

Regional Journalism is Dying: Advertising Subsidies Won’t Help

Leon Gettler, RMIT University. Australia’s regional news outlets are dying a not-so-slow death, and COVID-19 has accelerated their decline. Over the past two years more than a hundred of the 435 regional and community newspapers that existed in 2019 ceased… Continue Reading →

ICAC is Not a Curse, and Probity in Government Matters. The Australian Media would do well to Remember That.

By Denis Muller, University of Melbourne. Journalists are adept at creating and reflecting public sentiment. It is a reciprocating process: journalistic portrayal creates the sentiment, then the sentiment feeds back into journalistic portrayal. This phenomenon can be seen clearly in… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Covid Media Wars Add Irony to Injury

By Paul Collits THERE are two supreme ironies in play this week in the Covid Commonwealth of Australia, where we have most of the population housebound, lockdown mania creeping from the cities into the back blocks as (typically) a single,… Continue Reading →

Scott-free no more? Why the prime minister’s smooth media run may be coming to an end

By Denis Muller, University of Melbourne. Katharine Murphy, The Guardian Australia’s political editor, marvelled recently that Scott Morrison pulls what she called a “Jedi mind trick”, rebadging disasters as triumphs – and getting away with it. I don’t know enough… Continue Reading →

Feeding the Chooks: Scott Morrison’s Manipulation of Mainstream Media. The Best of 2020.

By Callum Foote and Michael West Scott Morrison has perfected the art of media manipulation by briefing a select club of Canberra correspondents at once, rather than leaking to individual media outlets. Callum Foote and Michael West report on the marketing genius of the… Continue Reading →

Local news sources are closing across Australia. Tracking the Devastation

By Gary Dickson of Monash Unversity The Yarram Standard and Great Southern Star, both of which have covered South Gippsland for well over a century, won’t be returning from their coronavirus-enforced suspensions. The two papers are the latest in a… Continue Reading →

Savage Blows to Australia’s Regional Media

Kristy Hess, Deakin University With swift and savage force, the COVID-19 pandemic has inadvertently attacked Australia’s local news media ecology, which was already battling a weakened immune system. As a researcher working on Australia’s largest academic study into the future… Continue Reading →

Crushing Information Flows: Manufacturing Ignorance

A dishonest government is a paranoid government, and the excessive legislation and manipulation of Australian media is already backfiring on the operatives behind it. The deliberately engineered bland-out of Australian media creates an illusion of consensus; as exemplified by the latest… Continue Reading →

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