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Could Feral Animals in Australia become Distinct Species?

Bill Bateman, Curtin University You might think evolution is glacially slow. At a species level, that’s true. But evolution happens every time organisms produce offspring. The everyday mixing of genes – combined with mutations – throws up new generations upon which “selection… Continue Reading →

1.7 million foxes, 300 Million Native Animals Killed Every Year: The Damage Foxes Wreak

Jaana Dielenberg, Alyson Stobo-Wilson, Brett Murphy, John Woinarski, Charles Darwin University; Sarah Legge, Australian National University, and Trish Fleming, Murdoch University. Foxes kill about 300 million native mammals, birds and reptiles each year, and can be found across 80% of… Continue Reading →

Senate misled: Watergate Deal Negotiated Directly with Swiss-based Cayman Islands Director

By Jommy Tee: Michael West Media. New documents show the government negotiated the controversial $80m Watergate deal directly with the Cayman Islands company founded by Energy Minister Angus Taylor. The Department failed to notify the Senate. Jommy Tee investigates the email trail… Continue Reading →

The Great Artesian Basin, the Forests, Premier Gladys Berejiklian: Is Nothing Safe from the NSW Nationals?

By Suzanne Arnold: Michael West Media. The power of the Nationals in NSW government poses a serious risk to the state’s environmental health. From fracking the Pillaga and pushing for coal mining on the fertile soil of the Liverpool Plains,… Continue Reading →

Covert-19: Government stacks Covid Commission with Oil and Gas Mates: The Best of 2020.

By Sandi Keane with Michael West Media The Government is quietly blowing away years of environmental protections under cover of Covid. Its Covid Commission (NCCC) is stacked with executives from the gas and mining lobbies in what is turning out… Continue Reading →

The Greed of the Oligarchs Destroys Australia’s Great Outback

They blame climate change. They blame the drought. They blame everyone and everything but themselves. The stench of millions of dead fish, the rotting corpses of kangaroos and sheep, the missing bird life, the farmers who can no longer farm,… Continue Reading →

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