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The Culture of Narcissism, first published in 1979, excoriated America’s self-absorbed society – The Legacy

Nick Haslam, The University of Melbourne A cultural critic rails against a society that worships celebrity and prizes images over ideas. A progressive intellectual attacks the dominance of corporate elites. A curmudgeonly academic condemns his society’s ignorance of its past… Continue Reading →

The Finalists for Australia’s Leading Portrait Prize The Archibald 2022

Joanna Mendelssohn, The University of Melbourne. For those seeking refuge from the election, the 101st Archibald Prize is almost a politician-free zone. Unless you count Joanna Braithwaite’s amusingly titled McManusstan, a portrait of bird lover Sally McManus. Former Labor minister… Continue Reading →

‘I will not hide’: Helen Garner’s Radical Gift is the Shock of Plain-speaking

Edwina Preston, The University of Melbourne. Most readers of Helen Garner will be able to pinpoint a first personal encounter with her work: a book, or even a sentence, that cut through like sharp light; a local landmark suddenly immortalised… Continue Reading →

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