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The Academy Turns, As Does The World: Six Months of Coruscating Covid Analysis from the Brownstone Institute.

As society has been transformed over the past two years public discourse has been almost entirely dominated by politicians and their chosen experts, and almost all of them have been hostage to their big time donors or their funding sources…. Continue Reading →

Trudeau Is Playing with Fire: The Canadian Convoy

By¬†Laura Rosen Cohen: The Brownstone Institute. Canadian coronavirus lockdown policies have been, and remain, some of the most stringent and restrictive in the entire Western world. It may be a Commonwealth thing, given that Australia and New Zealand have also… Continue Reading →

The Great Covid Panic: A Book Review. A Meditation on this Imperilled Time. The Best of 2021.

By Paul Collits: The Freedoms Project. Illustrations by Eugene Delacroix. Many have lamented the apparent absence of interest from academic economists in the fate of our economies in the age of Covid totalitarianism.  A particular gap has been identified in… Continue Reading →

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