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Lufthansa paid back its debt, Australia’s National Airline Qantas bought its own shares

By Michael West of Michael West Media As the Spirit of Stuff-Ups continues, nothing puts the Qantas conundrum in starker relief than rival airline, Germany’s national carrier Lufthansa, which paid back its Covid debt to the German people last November…. Continue Reading →

Winged again: Alan Joyce’s Ruinous Reign over Australia’s National Carrier Qantas

By Michael Sainsbury: Michael West Media. The national airline’s losses under Alan Joyce are approaching an eye-watering $3 billion amid self-administered engineering and pilot crises. But win or lose, the chief executive is always flying high. Qantas has posted a loss… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Flying Kangaroo Flies Straight Into Trouble

Australia’s Transport Workers’ Union is calling on the Federal Government to implement a national plan to lower the risk of infection and spread of COVID-19 in aviation as Qantas announces changes which the union claims fall short of measures of… Continue Reading →

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