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Julian Assange Ignored in Australia’s “Press Freedom Roundtable” as Spies Cosy up to Big Media

Philip Dorling: Michael West Media  New documents show Julian Assange got little more than a mention at Mark Dreyfus’s media talkfest this year. Amid much talk about reform and transparency, the Government wants to draw our big media outlets into… Continue Reading →

It’s Time for the Government to Walk the Talk on Media Freedom in Australia

By Johan Lidberg, Monash University When the Australian Federal Police (AFP) raided journalists and media organisations two years ago, it showed the balance between national security and journalism is severely out of whack in Australia. To address this, a Senate… Continue Reading →

Worldwide mass Surveillance by Germany’s Intelligence Service declared Unconstitutional

Reporters Without Borders on Landmark Ruling on Press Freedom In a much-anticipated verdict Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court has put an end to the groundless mass surveillance of global internet traffic by Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). The ruling,… Continue Reading →

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