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Australian Medical Association Director Wants Employers To Know If Staff Have Been Vaccinated

TOTT News The Australian Medical Association’s Queensland President is calling for a overhaul of privacy laws to give companies the power to see which of their staff have been vaccinated. The call comes as Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout incrementally continues,… Continue Reading →

Toby Young: Trial By Mob Trial By Social Media

Toby Young is a British journalist who became the subject of a media feeding frenzy two years ago after being appointed to an education committee by Theresa May. Within a few weeks he’d lost all of his five board positions… Continue Reading →

Covid-19: Australia’s Dismal Missteps and Mismanagement

By Jack Waterford It is too early for the official history of the impact of COVID-19 on Australia. We are not even at the end of the beginning, let alone the beginning of the end. Politicians and the independent experts… Continue Reading →

The Madness of Crowds

Extract and interview with author Douglas Murray Suddenly we have a genuine crisis on our hands. The petty politics and fashionable shibboleths of the era now look very petty indeed. In his most recent blockbuster book, The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race… Continue Reading →

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