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Australia’s Oldest Dinosaur was a Peaceful Vegetarian, Not a Fierce Predator

Steven W. Salisbury and Anthony Romilio, The University of Queensland. Ipswich, about 40 kilometres west of Brisbane, seems an unlikely place to find dinosaur fossils. Yet the area has produced the oldest evidence of dinosaurs in Australia. A fresh look… Continue Reading →

Introducing Australotitan: Australia’s Largest Dinosaur

By Scott Hucknull, University of Melbourne. Today, a new Aussie dinosaur is being welcomed into the fold. Our study published in the journal PeerJ documents Australotitan cooperensis – Australia’s largest dinosaur species ever discovered, and the largest land-dwelling species to… Continue Reading →

Opal Fossils Point to Giant Dinosaurs on Australian Terrain

By Timothy Frauenfelder and Nicolas Campione, University of New England North-central New South Wales today is known for its arid, drought-prone climate. During the Cretaceous period, however, it was a lush coastal floodplain with a high diversity of vertebrates including… Continue Reading →

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