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Watching the Birds: Finding Moments of Beauty and Meaning

By Dr Tess Ryan At traumatic times like these, taking time to observe and connect with others can be healing, writes Dr Tess Ryan, as part of the occasional #CroakeyEXPLORE series. My mind is where I am trapped; rooms of thought,… Continue Reading →

Australian Governments Urged to Address Fears for Prisoner Health and Safety

By Marie McInerney with Croakey Australian governments are facing renewed calls to dramatically cut the number of people held in prisons and other places of detention that are “potential disaster zones” in the coronavirus pandemic, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres… Continue Reading →

Crushing Information Flows: Manufacturing Ignorance

A dishonest government is a paranoid government, and the excessive legislation and manipulation of Australian media is already backfiring on the operatives behind it. The deliberately engineered bland-out of Australian media creates an illusion of consensus; as exemplified by the latest… Continue Reading →

Pandemic Projections Signal Profound Societal Disruption Over Many Months

By Melissa Sweet, Editor of Croakey Immense disruption to societies, and people’s lives and work will be necessary over many months if there is to be any hope of preventing large numbers of deaths from COVID-19. That is the suggestion from modelling by… Continue Reading →

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