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Powerful and Hilarious, What AI Concludes About the Suspect Ethics of the 2020s

By ChatGPT. Illustrated by Stable Diffusion. Human Element: Café Locked Out. This is a conversation between the group Café Locked Out and chatGPT, with illustrations by Stable Diffusion. Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is the ability of an intelligent agent to understand or learn… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On: Are we the Last Fort? Reflections on the first Convoy Camp Site

Michael Gray Griffith: Café Locked Out. Day three was a cooler day, but only weather wise. Every hour the police entered the camp and did a walk through. All of them masked up and initially polite, they passed through the… Continue Reading →

Australia: The Tide of Tyranny

By Michael Gray Griffith: Cafe Locked Out and the Deplorables Epic Road Trip “We have become historians; capturing a history they are already trying to erase.”~Michael Gray Griffith. Of all the remarkably talented bloggers, vloggers, citizen journalists, musicians and artists… Continue Reading →

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