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Why are so many Western companies still doing business in Russia?

David Uren: Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Fewer than one in 10 Western multinationals with subsidiaries in Russia has quit any of them in the year since the Ukraine invasion began. This finding by two highly regarded academics, Simon Evenett from University of… Continue Reading →

Canberra’s man in Washington during ‘Trumpageddon’

By Graeme Dobell: Australian Strategic Policy Institute. When an Australian jumps out of a taxi and prepares to make a dash across New York’s 5th Avenue, the habit of a lifetime is to look the wrong way for the traffic…. Continue Reading →

How a 450-kilogram Heroin Seizure shows Australia’s Drug Policies Aren’t Working

Teagan Westendorf, Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Last month a whopping 450 kilograms of heroin being imported by ship was seized in Melbourne. That number sounds huge, but it does not convey the true gravity of the challenge faced by police and the… Continue Reading →

Afghanistan: Where Imperial Hubris Goes To Die

By Ramesh Thakur: Australian Strategic Policy Institute. In 2009, as I gazed at the gaping hillside holes in Bamiyan where once two imposing Buddha statues had stood as silent sentinels for more than 1,500 years, two emotions were dominant. The… Continue Reading →

Reducing The Threat of Terrorism on a Global and Local Level

By Leanne Close The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Counterterrorism Yearbook 2021, to be published at the end of the month, provides a comprehensive picture of the global terrorism landscape, emerging themes and recommended policy responses for governments and communities. Covid-19… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Submarine Fiasco: We Should Do More Than Just Wait for the Attack-class Submarines

By Michael Shoebridge: Australian Strategic Policy Institute Debate on Australia’s future submarines is understandably focused on the information that floats out of the Defence Department about France’s Naval Group and the $80 billion program to design and build the boats…. Continue Reading →

Genomic Surveillance

By Emile Dirks and Dr James Leibold. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute. The Chinese Government is building the world’s largest police-run DNA database in close cooperation with key industry partners across the globe. Yet, unlike the managers of other forensic… Continue Reading →

Bill Gates and the Mark of the Beast

By The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s International Cyber Policy Centre Against the backdrop of the global Covid-19 pandemic, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has become the subject of a diverse and rapidly expanding universe of conspiracy theories.  As an example, a… Continue Reading →

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