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As Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison quits Parliament at last, his ‘Legacy’ has Little to Recommend it

Frank Bongiorno, Australian National University The recent months have been kind to Peter Dutton and the Coalition. Scott Morrison’s announcement that he will leave parliament at the end of February is the latest instalment of the federal opposition’s good run…. Continue Reading →

Signs of life? Astronomers are excited about Carbon Dioxide and Methane in the Atmosphere of an Alien World

Brad E Tucker, Australian National University Are we alone? This question is nearly as old as humanity itself. Today, this question in astronomy focuses on finding life beyond our planet. Are we, as a species, and as a planet, alone?… Continue Reading →

Archie Roach: the great Songman, Tender and Humble, who gave our People a Voice

Bhiamie Williamson, Australian National University. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised this article contains names and images of deceased people. Archie Roach’s family have given permission for his name and image to be shared. I am not sure… Continue Reading →

The literary life of Frank Moorhouse, a giant of Australian letters

Julieanne Lamond, Australian National University. Frank Moorhouse, who died in Sydney last Sunday, made a significant and multi-faceted contribution to Australia’s literary life. He was born in 1938 in Nowra, which he described as “a small Australian country town (two… Continue Reading →

Wild animals are evolving faster than anybody thought

Timothée Bonnet, Australian National University. How fast is evolution? In adaptive evolution, natural selection causes genetic changes in traits that favour the survival and reproduction of individual organisms. Although Charles Darwin thought the process occurred over geological timescales, we have… Continue Reading →

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