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Masons in Australia. Part One: Early Settlement and The Rum Rebellion

TOTT NEWS It appears that in the 18th century, whenever a revolution occurred, the Freemasons were not far behind. This includes the early settlement days of Australia and the infamous ‘Rum Rebellion’. Since the eighteenth century, the Rosicrucian-led Freemasonry guild… Continue Reading →

The Abuse of Australian Servicemen, Politicians Sacrificing Their Own People, Scientists treating the Population as Lab Rats

Maralinga: The Best of 2020. If the current ABC TV drama series Operation Buffalo piqued your interest in the British atomic tests in the South Australian desert in the 1950s and 60s, Frank Walker’s book ‘Maralinga’ reveals the true horror… Continue Reading →

Incomprehensible: Unfolding Catastrophe Part X

He could feel the interest gathering; there to be used and reused and discarded, a threat that could neither be eliminated nor controlled. He was trying to make alliances, there in that place, there in those hours, while his dying… Continue Reading →

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