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AI Pioneer Geoffrey Hinton: AI is a New Form of Intelligence Unlike Our Own

Olivier Salvado, CSIRO and Jon Whittle, Data61 Debates about AI often characterise it as a technology that has come to compete with human intelligence. Indeed, one of the most widely pronounced fears is that AI may achieve human-like intelligence and… Continue Reading →

Aboriginal language could help solve complex AI problems with Swarm Systems

Rachel Packham: University of News South Wales. Jingulu – a language spoken by the Jingili people in the Northern Territory – has characteristics that allow it to be easily translated into AI commands. An Aboriginal language could hold the key… Continue Reading →

We’re told AI neural networks ‘learn’ the way humans do. A neuroscientist explains why that’s not the case

James Fodor, The University of Melbourne Recently developed artificial intelligence (AI) models are capable of many impressive feats, including recognising images and producing human-like language. But just because AI can perform human-like behaviours doesn’t mean it can think or understand… Continue Reading →

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