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What is Wrong With This Picture? Civilian Casualties and the Death of Truth

By John Stapleton We’re rerunning these images for one simple reason, once again Australia is in lockstep with America’s endless wars, as it has been in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan; wars in which the general public never ever see a… Continue Reading →

The Journey to Monte Cassino Kazik’s Story: Marking the 75th Anniversary of one of World War Two’s costliest battles

As told to his son Mark Slaski The Battle of Monte Cassino was a pivotal battle in the Allied invasion of Italy in 1943–1944. Monte Cassino was a mountain top monastery, transformed by the Germans into a fortress. It formed… Continue Reading →

War Crimes: Malcolm Turnbull’s Terrible Legacy

America’s Wars, Australia’s hypocrisy With his fate set and Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership in its death throes, it is time to look back across the wasteland of his leadership. The ritual lies of political combat: The Prime Minister has my… Continue Reading →

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