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Can Australia capitalise on AI while Reducing its Risks?

Toby Walsh, UNSW Sydney The world missed the boat with social media. It fuelled misinformation, fake news, and polarisation. We saw the harms too late, once they had already started to have a substantive impact on society. With artificial intelligence… Continue Reading →

Peyotes in Suburbia – the Secret World of Sydney’s Psychoactive Cacti Growers

Prudence Gibson, UNSW Sydney Before I met the cactus expert, I didn’t even know psychoactive gardens existed. Of course I wanted to see one. So on a cool, rainy day in February 2022, I drove west to the foot of… Continue Reading →

‘Killer Robots’ will be Nothing like the Movies

Toby Walsh, UNSW Sydney You might suppose Hollywood is good at predicting the future. Indeed, Robert Wallace, head of the CIA’s Office of Technical Service and the US equivalent of MI6’s fictional Q, has recounted how Russian spies would watch… Continue Reading →

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