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Singing the Blues: More Whale songs detected during La Niña years

Ben Knight: University of New South Wales Newsroom Almost two decades of whale recordings suggest the movements of the pygmy blue whale are affected by climate cycles. You might think it’d be easy to track an animal as large as… Continue Reading →

Astronomers observe Intra-group Light: The Elusive Glow between Distant Galaxies

From the UNSW Newsroom. Pioneering a new technique, researchers have peered into the extremely faint light that exists between galaxies to describe the history and state of orphan stars. An international team of astronomers have turned a new technique onto… Continue Reading →

Golden Bandicoots Return to the Desert

UNSW Newswire Golden bandicoots have returned to the Strzelecki Desert in far-west NSW after a 100-year absence thanks to the Wild Deserts team, a partnership between UNSW Sydney scientists and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Up to 40 golden… Continue Reading →

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