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Bennelong and Phillip: Wrestling with Australian History through Two Entangled Lives

Anna Clark, University of Technology Sydney Despite the inherent chance and coincidence of Australian history, there’s a certain sense of inevitability when we trace our national narrative in hindsight. The sequence of chapters in our textbooks and syllabuses seems logical… Continue Reading →

Controversial ‘Forever Chemicals’ could be phased out in Australia

Sarah Wilson, University of Technology Sydney and Rachael Wakefield-Rann, University of Technology Sydney There’s growing global concern about potential risks to human health and the environment from a group of industrial chemicals commonly known as PFAS, or “forever chemicals”. While… Continue Reading →

James Webb deep field images: The Divide between Science and Art is Artificial

Cherine Fahd, University of Technology Sydney The first task I give photography students is to create a starscape. To do this, I ask them to sweep the floor beneath them, collect the dust and dirt in a paper bag and… Continue Reading →

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