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ChatGPT is confronting – ask the Mesopotamians, who Invented Writing

Louise Pryke, University of Sydney. Adapting to technological advances is a defining part of 21st-century life. But it’s not unique to us: it’s been part of the human story since our earliest written records – even featuring in the plotlines… Continue Reading →

The US Government is Trying to Stop the merger of two of the World’s Biggest Publishers

Agata Mrva-Montoya, University of Sydney When Allen Lane set out to make cheap paperbacks for commuters in the 1930s, no one imagined he was building what would become the biggest publishing house we’ve ever seen. The company he founded became… Continue Reading →

Sydney’s Monster Flood Crisis

Dale Dominey-Howes, University of Sydney. Again, thousands of residents in Western Sydney face a life-threatening flood disaster. At the time of writing, evacuation orders spanned southwest and northwest Sydney and residents of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley were being warned the crisis… Continue Reading →

Why Dingoes should be considered Native to Mainland Australia – even though Humans introduced them

Peter Banks, University of Sydney Dingoes are often demonised as a danger to livestock, while many consider them a natural and essential part of the environment. But is our most controversial wild species actually native to Australia? Dingoes were brought… Continue Reading →

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