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Succession on the Tibetan plateau: The battle over the Dalai Lama’s Reincarnation?

John Powers, The University of Melbourne In China, a group of atheists (the Chinese Communist Party) has long dictated how the country’s religious groups should practice their faiths. Chinese Christians are told to reject salvation by faith and the Resurrection;… Continue Reading →

The Best of 2022: Australia is Creating an Underclass of Exploited Farm Workers, Unable to Speak Up

Abul Rizvi, The University of Melbourne. As a senior official in Australia’s Immigration Department in the late 1990s, I frequently met counterparts in Europe and North America who were exasperated by their inability to make headway against the exploitation and… Continue Reading →

We’re told AI neural networks ‘learn’ the way humans do. A neuroscientist explains why that’s not the case

James Fodor, The University of Melbourne Recently developed artificial intelligence (AI) models are capable of many impressive feats, including recognising images and producing human-like language. But just because AI can perform human-like behaviours doesn’t mean it can think or understand… Continue Reading →

‘An ever-ticking clock’: we made a ‘time crystal’ inside a quantum computer

Stephan Rachel and Philipp Frey, The University of Melbourne. You probably know what a crystal is. We’ve all seen one, held one in our hands, and even tasted one on our tongue (for instance sodium chloride crystals, also known as… Continue Reading →

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