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Asking ChatGPT about Transhumanism and 2030

TOTT NEWS After a quick introduction letting the program know I wish to speak about transhumanism and the future, the following was asked: Q: How will we use technology to enhance our intelligence? A: From a transhumanist perspective, I think the answer… Continue Reading →

Humans are Aggressive: Could ‘Moral Enhancement’ technologies change this?

Cohen Marcus Lionel Brown, University of Wollongong. It’s a mistake to think problematic aggression is limited to those with psychiatric disorders. Healthy people have also the capacity for impulsive violence – and resulting “morally” poor behaviour. Traditionally, moral development has… Continue Reading →

Transhumanism is an idea Centuries in the Making

TOTT NEWS. Eugenics and transhumanism go hand-in-hand, and modern ideas about ‘transcending the human’ can actually be traced back to works that were written centuries ago. Transhumanism is the belief that, in the future, science and technology will enable us to… Continue Reading →

Downloading Our Thoughts

By Henry-James Meiring, The University of Queensland Modern transhumanism is the belief that, in the future, science and technology will enable us to transcend our bodily confines. Scientific advances will transform humans and, in the process, eliminate ageing, disease, unnecessary… Continue Reading →

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